Fallen: Literally, on the Ground

This movie hit me like Twilight.

And I can’t think of any way to praise it without having to hesitate and question my judgment. Perhaps I am just too old for this kind of movie.

Once upon a time, angels were at war, and the good and evil balance needed to be settled. Each side needed more angels on their side to win, and one angel refused to choose a side because he wanted to stay on Earth with his love.

Now, thanks to him, the other angels got stuck on Earth until he could pick a side and end the war.

Daniel chose to remain on Earth so he could be with his love, Luce. However, their love was cursed. Luce never lived past 17 years of life, died, and reincarnated over and over again, whereas Daniel remained an immortal, weeping over losing the love of his life over and over again.

Basically, she made an appearance every 17 years to find him and die, and he had to watch her die every single time.

So, this lifetime Luce ran into Daniel again, and felt drawn to him, even though she had no idea why.

Let me just say this in a nice way: that “I don’t know why I love you” is an opening statement to a horrible plot.

It’s good when it’s in a book, but please don’t bring that to a movie.

The movie tried to establish the background of the characters, why did they end up where they were. Why did they behave certain ways. Why Luce and Daniel couldn’t stop eyeing each other from across the room like a pair of weirdos. Why the zero chemistry led to “I knew I loved you from the first moment I saw you.”

So. Many. Why’s.

The characters felt like, Twilight.

Luce and Daniel were just fated, doomed, cursed, whatever, to fall for each other. Over and over again. Did the audience feel it?

Did they feel the love?

Did they understand the connection?

Honestly even if Daniel got stabbed and died midway, I couldn’t care less.

The lines murdered me. Who talks like Luce? Who talks like Daniel? What is it even that they have? Why is it so confusing?

A girl moves to a new place and feels drowned to a beautiful guy who tells her to back off. Then something almost kills her and he saves her before running off somewhere.e And then there’s another guy, darker and more fun, who likes her. And then before she knows it, she gets tangled in a love triangle.

The two guys then fight over who can protect her better.

Sounds familiar?


I can’t even believe I watched this movie.

This is a solid 3/10 from me. And I do not recommend this at all.

I must admit, the first five minutes were alright. Then everything started going downhill from there.

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