Hidden Figures: Talents Shine

by Devina

We follow the lives of Katherine Goble Johnson, Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughan in 1961, working for NASA and struggling on daily basis due to being black women.

We all know they’re legends, so this is a movie we should all watch. To appreciate and learn more about these women.


The movie started with young Katherine Goble, breathing numbers and impressing peers beyond her years. She was offered the best education due to her ridiculous ability in numbers.

Then we moved few decades later, when Katherine, now a widow with three children, was working as a computer at NASA. She was good friends with Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson, all who were brilliant in their respective fields but not appreciated enough due to their sex and race.

When Russia succeeded in launching satellite, NASA was rushing to break the equations to send their men to space. And this is when our heroines took their chances.

Mary Jackson had the mind of an engineer, but due to the lack of education support for black people, she couldn’t become an engineer. However, her colleagues and family supported her. So much that she went to the court and asked to be given a spot in a class where she was the only woman, and the only colored student.

Dorothy Vaughan, one of the most brilliant minds in NASA, was denied the status of team supervisor and treated unfairly. However, when there was a possibility that her team would be replaced by IBM 7090, Dorothy learned FORTRAN by herself and trained her team. They ended up being assigned to programming department, with Dorothy as the supervisor.

Katherine Goble Johnson, was requested to assist the Space Task Group, led by Al Harrison, since an analytic geometry expert was needed. At first, she struggled in fitting in, since there was only one other woman in the team that was male dominated. And Katherine was the only colored there. But then, she solved an equation that the team had struggled with for awhile and impressed Harrison. Afterwards, due to her excellence and brilliance, Harrison let her take big roles on the team, invited her to the private meetings that usually had no woman attending, and even abolished the ‘colored bathroom’ sign so that Katherine and the others could use any bathroom they’d like. In the end, Harrison trusted Katherine with the final calculations and regarded her as the genius among geniuses.

I love, love, love this movie. I’ve seen it twice, and I’ve marked it for future re watch.

Initially, I had no idea what the movie was about since I never read the synopsis. The only reason I saw it was Taraji P. Henson, a.k.a my love. Anyone who watches Empire would understand why this woman is everything.

However, the moment I heard the names, I realized that this movie would be one of the best things to watch. And I got excited.

It didn’t disappoint. Not one second of let down. Not a beat. This movie was outstanding.

Everyone did such a wonderful job, and I believed that partly it was due to the fact that the roles felt personal to the actors. They knew the pain so well to depict it perfectly, and the woman power was HOT.

It’d be hard to not appreciate these legends after watching this movie. If anything, it’d make you love and respect them more. Because who wouldn’t adore these awesome geniuses?

Hidden Figures got a solid 9/10 from me.

I highly recommend it. Please, if you haven’t seen it, go see it. It’s such an inspiring movie.



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