The Giraffe Diary: One Day as a Runaway Giraffe

So that was it. I decided on a random day that it would be the day I wore my giraffe onesie.

IMG_1649So it was 8 AM when I arrived at a Starbucks nearby my house. I was supposed to meet my friend at 8.30, and well, he showed up more or less half an hour late. So imagine me sitting down at Starbucks for an hour, having a lot of people staring and laughing at a runaway giraffe that probably just escaped the zoo the night before.

There were toddlers who wanted to touch “the giraffe” and luckily their mothers knew better and kept them away from me.

So few minutes before 9, my friend walked into Starbucks, spotted me, and laughed. I asked him to take a photo so that I could send it to my father (who of course went, “DEVINA! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!” I mean, Giraffe onesie is cool yo, nothing to worry about).

After spending two hours talking with my friend, who kept glancing around as if we attracted a lot of attention, I left to have lunch with the ladies in my family.

So we walked into a restaurant and sat down. The waiters were all smiles when they saw me, and this is my philosophy, people:

Give people a reason to smile. ~ Giraffe

IMG_1659Sometimes people are so bored at their job, and it’s always nice to give them something to laugh at. Like, sometime two years ago there was this one lady who looked like she was bored to death, and I walked into the store with a huge nose ring. Automatically, she stared and there was that spark in her eyes, as if she was holding so many questions. So I started a conversation with her, made her laugh a little, and left without buying anything (yea, yea, yea, save your judgment, it won’t burn me). But at least I knew that she’d have some “funny story” to tell her friends later on after her shift ended (or whenever she could get to her phone).

Apparently, this outfit made people think I was a real giraffe. I swear everyone kept offering me their vegetables. “Here are some leaves.”

I mean, people, this ain’t a zoo. It’s a restaurant! Give me galette!

I asked my mom to take few pictures of course, because why would I go out in my onesie without taking pictures? While taking the pictures, my mom told the restaurant staff to “Make sure you lock your doors next time, look there’s a runaway giraffe in your restaurant.” They all laughed.

IMG_1658See? Some crazy things make people laugh.

Then, some lady treated me like an adult, which made my mom glare because “Why would you treat this kid like an adult can’t you see what she’s wearing?”

Sometimes I wonder which is my standing with my mom: pride and joy… or disappointment. But she loves me too much it’s not like that matters. Phew.

Sadly, it was such a hot hot hot day (must be because of me, doh) and after six hours wearing that onesie like a boss, I gave up, waited until people were gone, and then stripped in public (KIDDING. I had the Flash shirt and shorts on underneath that giraffe. I was prepared for the worst, a.k.a HEAT). I was a proper lady, so I had to do it right. So I abandoned my alter ego for the day due to the ridiculous heat. Which, I already felt creeping in since morning but I kept ignoring because why would I take off that onesie? I ain’t letting heat defeat me! Until I had to sit outside for fifteen minutes and I went, screw it I’m taking it off.

IMG_1660I posted this on my Instastory, calling it “the Giraffe Diary” and surprisingly, I kept getting positive feedback from my friends. Some called me cute, some adorable, some called me extremely brave, and some asked me where I got my onesie.

My best friend Daniella of course went straight to, “You have got to be kidding me.” For the past few months I’ve been trying to convince her to get a onesie too, so that we both could go out in onesies together. I mean, wouldn’t that be the cutest ‘best friend’ thing ever?

She’s not having it yet though. So I’m still trying.

So after the meetings of the day ended, I went home and chilled. Of course, I had to advertise the giraffe onesie to some people because I know there are some people who’d be interested in getting it. And just to show them how awesome the onesie looks.

A friend now wants to get himself a bunny onesie. Good for him.

At least I inspired a friend. I mean, giraffe did.


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