Five Outing Looks from

By Daniella D.

For the past few Saturdays, the weather here in Brighton has been tolerable . I mean, if it was just the type of afternoon where the sky cries with a chilling sadness, you bet I wouldn’t even attempt to play dress up right outside my residence. I certainly would not have dragged my dorm mate as well to come take my pictures for this post.

I have to admit, I have been somewhat out of the fashion blogging phase for awhile since I have been busy with a few pressing deadlines. I still freestyle sad poems since I love expressing my random thoughts in that emotion. But this is not to say, as you see from this Boohoo fashion haul that I have not been waiting to post something related to styles.

I literally fell in love with a few weeks after I landed in Brighton. I had to buy some coats since the one I had could barely shield the cold from my body which was used to the warmth. I remember checking out some websites instead of physically going shopping because I could barely walk out unless I had more of a reason like going to class or going out with friends.

Boohoo was the first website that caught my full attention not only because the dresses looked so pretty, but because of its affordability and great daily discounts. I was hooked after my first purchase which came exactly as I ordered. The size fit perfectly and the shipping was fast.

And want to know what? None of these clothes were more than £20. They ranged from £10-£18. I guess I’ll leave you to guess which was £10 and which £18.


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