Riverdale: the Newest Guilty Pleasure

CW is toxic. Literally. I remember the first time I saw Gossip Girl, thinking, “Just one episode.”

Yeah, if you guessed it correctly, I’ve seen all seasons of Gossip Girl at least twice.

I was on Netflix, after binge watching 13 Reasons Why, which I finished in one go, browsing. I stopped when I saw “Riverdale” which I’d heard of somewhere (I couldn’t really remember where since it was 4.30 AM and my mind wasn’t working anymore) and I thought, “Hm. I should give this a try. Like, I’ll try one episode.”

One episode went on until I finished watching the last aired episode. Thank the beautiful actors, and of course, Cole Sprouse.

Riverdale, based on the Archie comics, took us to the life of Archie Andrews in Riverdale after a tragic death that the series is revolved around.

Archie was on a date with a music teacher when they heard a gunshot. Later on, a boy who had been missing for awhile, Jason Blossom, was found as a corpse with a hole in his head.

The series started with the chaos of the death of Jason Blossom and the entrance of Veronica Lodge, a new girl who just moved in from New York. into Riverdale. Everything is narrated by Jughead Jones, Archie’s best friend and an inspiring writer. He started an investigation with Betty Cooper, a perfect girl next door who was in love with Archie in the beginning of the series but later on fell for him.

In the little town, everyone was connected, and everyone had history with each other.

And the death of Jason Blossom might have opened up chapters that people were trying to hide. Stories that were uncovered and broken relationships that were hidden.

Apparently, family histories ruin the children’s lives and affect their relationships. It is more old fashioned than it should be, and ridiculously cliche that it’s entertaining to watch.

Don’t believe me? Watch the show.

The family drama, how everyone in butting into everyone’s business and angry at each other, and how the children team up to rewrite the story, everything in this show makes it a fun ride. In the end, every episode shows us that everyone’s got his or her own story, feels a little bit too much, but acts in the way anyone would if put in such bizarre plot like this one.

Everyone asks one question: Who murdered Jason Blossom?

While at the same time, opening pages and revealing more mystery than the pilot brought up. We as the audience, start to peel the onion that Riverdale is, and to understand how people are the way they are, or why some families act the way they do. There is a reason to every single thing, and it makes the plot compelling.

I’m not saying that I love this show because until now I am trying to figure out why I am watching it (Cole Sprouse is probably the number one reason why), but it’s addicting.

I need to know who killed Jason Blossom, and the show is doing a good job in keeping my curiosity intact.

So people, should you watch Riverdale? I’d say yes. But just wait until the whole season is over, so that you don’t have to wait every week like an idiot, wondering and guessing nonstop.

It’s definitely become a guilty pleasure. Because I’m not a big fan, I don’t think it’s something I’d watch on my right mind, and at the same time I can’t lie and say I don’t like it because I enjoy it.

Is it a show I’d rewatch when I got bored? Probably not. But hey, Cole Sprouse can make me watch anything. Just saying.


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