Girls Like You

“Girls like you won’t find love,”

My friend of many years once said,

“Most men want their women quieter,

Not dominant and more submissive.”

He avoided my eyes, my very

Deeply hurt, and angry eyes.

Today I reflect back on that night,

And realize it had been simply a relief.

“Girls like you” will fight back,

Will challenge and question relentlessly,

And we don’t follow blindly.

“Girls like you” are opinionated,

Too loud and unmoved for many,

Untamed and avoided by patriarchy,

Perhaps unworthy to your romantic quest.

“Girls like you” will cross oceans,

Stop hurricanes, and move mountains.

“Girls like you” will be too much for most to handle,

Because we have our own minds, our

Standards. And our dreams. Which we will not

Sacrifice for those who don’t understand.

“Girls like you won’t find love” could be right,

Because we will find more in life than that.

We will fight battles and conquer kingdoms,

And we won’t make time for anything less.

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