Fast and Furious 8: Can’t Believe It Hasn’t Ended Yet

by Devina

I cried a little after watching the 7th movie, no lies there. It was heartwarming and all. Even though, of course, I dared to ask, “Why are there so many movies based on a group of people driving fast?”

Then this movie came out and I wondered, “Aren’t the actors tired already by now?”

And I was hesitant. I didn’t plan on watching it, until I got stuck on a long, lonely day while waiting for my friends, and it was the only interesting movie playing.


I enjoyed it.

We got to see Dom and Letty on their honeymoon. And it was great. They were happy, and Dom even won this crazy near death kind of race.

Until, Charlize Theron interrupted, showed Dom something that got him go “OMG” and then recruited him into her evil team.

Then when everyone’s favorite team got together for some mission in Berlin, Dom betrayed them and left them for Charlize.

This betrayal resulted in a very depressed Letty and Luke in jail. It was funny how much references were thrown at Dwayne Johnson’s character: the soccer team dance? the “Hercules”? we all know he’s king.

Of course, after that mess, Mr. Nobody got Luke and apparently Deckard (who was stuck in jail as well) out of the prison, and put them back with the rest of the team.

Their mission was simple, to stop Dom and Charlize (Cipher is her character’s name here).

It was then revealed that Cipher had held Elena captive. And not only Elena, apparently Elena had a baby (Dom’s child, yup), and they were both Cipher’s prisoners. Unless Dom agreed to everything Cipher told him to do, Elena and the baby would die.

So Dom fought hard to protect his son, even after Elena got murdered.

And the rest was expected. They figured out a way to outsmart Cipher and win.

Like, really win. Nobody died. Nobody got hurt. And they could even throw jokes at each other while driving away from death.

I mean, what do you expect? This movie was bound to end happily, and we all knew that the heroes were too smart and too good to be played.

It was such a feel good movie, that I laughed so much and left the theater recommending it to everyone.

If you’ve seen it. Deckard and the baby? BEST PAIR EVER.

Seriously, those two were a good team.

This movie, despite being “just another fast and furious movie,” didn’t disappoint. I would have complained about how cliche a lot of things were, but it was so enjoyable I forgot to even start.

F8 got a 7/10 from me. Would I watch it again? Sure thing. Anytime. Definitely recommending it to everyone.

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