Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: Tiny Wonder Woman

The show started with this scene:

Around a decade before the story started, a bus was losing control on the road, and when the driver couldn’t stop it due to the jammed brake, the bus somehow stopped right before hitting anyone.

A boy who happened to occupy the back seats on the bus saw a girl who, after possibly pulling the bus to a stop with her bare hands, walked away as if nothing happened. He then believed that she had been an angel sent to save his life. She was wearing a pink hoodie, and as the hoodie fell, he got to see her face…


He woke up from dreaming about that incident and complained about not being able to see the girl’s face.

Then we got to meet the girl in his dream.

There’s a family that’s been gifted. Every female born in that bloodline inherits super strength. However, if the power is used to hurt the innocent, the power will leave its owner.

The family makes sure that in every generation, there is always a woman to keep the gift going.

And that’s how we meet Do Bong Soon. She was born into this crazy family, and in her 27 years of life, she’d always tried to fit in and act normal. Her twin brother, Bong Gi, is the smart one. According to their grandmother, when Bong Soon inherited the super power, Bong Gi got all the brain power (a nice way to call her granddaughter somewhat lacking).

Must be hard to be Bong Soon, having a smart brother who’s the pride and joy of the family. Meanwhile, later on her brother complained to her about how a lot of the hospital’s new patients were Bong Soon’s victims. Lol.

One day, Do Bong Soon confronted a group of gangster who beat up an old bus driver and she ended up, unintentionally, severely injuring all of them. Now, here’s the fun part. The boy who kept dreaming of her was there to witness her beat the crap out of some big bad guys.

Of course, he had no idea that she was his dream girl. He just found her “sexy” (I mean, I guess I can see it… she’s really tiny and she’s ridiculously strong, the combination of those two contradicting ideas is just deadly) and hired her to be his bodyguard.

At first, Bong Soon wasn’t interested in taking the job. But then, she found out that her future boss, our boy Ahn Min Hyuk, was the CEO of the game company she’d always wanted to work at, Ainsoft. And the salary offer won her over as well.

And as always, we need a love triangle, so there is In Gook Doo, Bong Soon’s childhood friend whom she’d been in love with most of her life. In front of Gook Doo, who’s a police officer, Bong Soon pretended to be a weak girl who couldn’t protect herself.

As Min Hyuk’s bodyguard, Bong Soon’s job and strength were easily hidden from Gook Doo. But when there was a serial killer / kidnapper who started murdering and kidnapping girls, including Bong Soon’s best friend, how could Bong Soon keep hiding her strength from her beloved Gook Doo who investigated the case?

Then after figuring out that Bong Soon couldn’t really control her power, Min Hyuk decided to train her to become the hero that she could be. So they started spending a lot of time together, training and well, on Min Hyuk’s case, falling even deeper for his bodyguard.

So Min Hyuk confessed his love to Bong Soon and waited until she reciprocated his feelings. It was all cute on one side, and really dark on the other. Because we got a crazy criminal still hunting down Bong Soon and wanting her dead.

Okay. Let’s just get to the point. This show is flawed. It’s got a lot of parts which I found unnecessary, which wouldn’t affect the story at all if taken out altogether. It gets too dramatic at times, and don’t even get me started on the cliche.

OH AND THE PRODUCT PLACEMENT! GAH. WHY?! Just watermark the whole show “ROYCE” or the other products being shot and advertised a lot, yea?

There were times when I felt like I was watching two different shows or more, since there were so many plots and some of them weren’t connected. I mean, I got to see a lot of other people’s routines (and I couldn’t care less), when all I wanted was just to find out whatever was going on with the main plot.

Also, the relationships here almost murdered me. I can’t even say why.

Now. Despite all that.

THIS SHOW IS HILARIOUS. Oh my god. I laughed a lot. I tried not to, but I couldn’t help it. It’s funny. Even though, I must say, a lot of the things on this show shouldn’t be taken as jokes. But I finally gave up after few episodes and just went, “Ah, who cares? I’m just gonna laugh.”

I laughed even harder when the main characters were in love. How could that be hilarious, I don’t even know. It was just so funny.

It was so hard to think of what to give this drama. I could write an essay on how flawed it was, and on the other hand, I truly enjoyed it. I had a great time watching this.

7/10. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is legit a recommended show. Seriously, if you need some good laugh, watch this show. It’s adorable. It’s so cute. And it’s also creepy (some scenes are super creepy), it balances out.


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