Only in (Korean) Dramas

1. Petty is cute
When someone is being all petty and annoying, it’s considered cute or funny, for as long as it’s the main character or someone who’s “adorable” enough.
2. Violence is funny
Like someone got beaten up to death scene usually has a light, happy tone to it. It’s confusing. Sometimes I wonder if I should cringe or laugh. Or just turn off the TV altogether.
3. Rich is borderline mafia and royalty
Tons of bodyguards. Family business is tangled with illegal markets. Killing people in order to keep family secrets and affairs. It’s dirty. Messy.
4. A cool, mean guy acting all mushy around his girlfriend is the ideal, dream man type. They just want the best of both worlds. A cool guy and a sweet boyfriend.
5. A crush can go on for a decade or longer. I mean, how? Do other people not say anything? “Yo, you know your best friend likes you?” in a decade? Nada?
6. Everyone answers the phone either before the first beep or not at all. Either you answer right after the other person dials or you miss it.
7. Valedictorian ends up being a cop. For some reason in at least two dramas, it happens. So if you’re smart, you’re into justice.
8. If you’re an orphan, chances are you’re a missing chaebol.
9. The better looking, nicer, richer guy loses the girl to some detached, damaged guy. It bugged me a lot when one of the dramas that I saw had this plot too. There’s clearly a better man out there, and the girl goes for the one who treats her badly. Sure, every now and then he softens up and all, but consistency!
10. Everyone has horrible childhood. Trauma. Dead parents. Fire. Amnesia. Always got something going on under that cool face. So someone with horrible childhood will end up broody and lonely, until the person meets someone happy and cheery. Then bam. Love.
11. You will have an option with a rich man or a rich girl. You will be stuck in a love triangle that involves at least one rich candidate. Sometimes you’re even lucky enough to have two rich suitors.
12. Noodles are staple food. Ramyun, to be exact. Watching Korean dramas always makes me hungry. Like, once I ordered tteokbokki because I just couldn’t take it anymore. The other day I made ramyun to help myself. Stop slurping noodles in my face, drama!
13. Curvy is considered fat. Like, I wanted to shoot myself dead when I saw some dramas with curvy women being called fat. No!!! Are you blind? They’re not fat!
14. There is always a cute, annoying friend in the group. Always. There’s always someone you shake your head at, going “what am I gonna do with you” at, and this person is probably audience’s favorite.
15. People are so secretive that crimes have to be solved in layers. Or a simple lie. Or something. Literally, nobody cares enough to say things like they are and just get things over with. But then again, there wouldn’t be drama without these secrets.

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