Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review

Two words.
Character development.

This movie is all about character development that I got mixed feelings the moment I walked out of the theater. Not in a bad way, by the way.

So we finally got an answer to ‘what’ Peter really was: a demigod. His father was a celestial being, but no, it’s not all happy and rainbows from then on.

The team got stuck with Nebula, who wasn’t all smiley when she was with them, and got stranded during some stupid incident in which, really, was it really worth going over?

Well point is, Peter’s dad found them and the team split. No, not permanently. But basically Gamora, Peter, and Drax went with Daddy, and Rocket, Groot, and Nebula stayed behind. It was supposedly a short visit.

Oh, and Daddy’s name was Ego.

Like, we all got it when he introduced himself. Which good guy would be named Ego? None.

So Peter, Gamora, and Drax went with Daddy and his mantis assistant to the Ego planet. There, Peter was so happy to discover that he had cool powers, and more than anything, he had a dad who cared about him.

Then on the other side, after a rebellion against Yordu took place, Yordu bonded with Rocket and warned him that Daddy was bad news. And that he had other reasons why he didn’t let Peter go to Daddy when he had picked the boy up decades ago.

Huh. I knew the name Ego was for something.

So as it turned out, Ego wanted an heir who inherited his power, so he screwed women from every planet (EWWW) to have them have his children. It was so disgusting just to remember that again.

However, out of the many children, only one inherited his power. And that one was Peter. So Peter was a demigod. Cool, cool.

And Ego needed Peter as a battery to his plan to make everything his. He wanted to turn the whole galaxy into Ego park, but his power alone wasn’t enough. Thus, Peter had to be his battery.


I found the plot somewhat annoying, not that it didn’t make sense or anything. But I was really hoping to see a good dad figure for Peter. Yordu? Sure. But after what happened in the volume 1? I’m not so sure.

I do appreciate the fact that they gave us the answer we all wanted to know: who was Peter’s dad and what was he?

A celestial dick named Ego.

It was also nice to see character development for every single character. We got to understand Rocket more (even though his case was pretty much obvious), we got to understand Yordu (because… we had to?), we got Nebula and Gamora going all loving and “You will always be my sister” mode, we got Drax just being Drax, and Groot just being all kinds of adorable.

Then Peter. Peter who probably had the most questions in the group. He got the answers, even if he didn’t like them, and he came to terms with whatever he got.

And the movie went all Fast and Furious mode with “We are family” talk. Not that I’m complaining about it.

The dialogues in this movie were as usual: witty, sarcastic, and entertaining. I love how there was almost no filter to this. Also, we didn’t have Steve Rogers going “LANGUAGE!” every half an hour or so.

The music in this movie is something to pay attention too, by the way. Or just seriously people, pay attention to details!

Oh. And Stan Lee! AHAHAHAHA. I may not be a fan of his cameo appearances, but gosh I admire that dude. What a cool old man.

I would say that I like the first one better, but this movie didn’t disappoint. I wish we’d seen Thanos again, but I guess that’s for some other time. At the very least, after all the build up on “Who is Peter’s dad” thing, we got a good answer. And now we got a clear standing on where everyone is.

The post credit scenes didn’t get me that excited. I mean, Adam Warlock? Not that I’m not hype about him entering, but, well I’m really not. I guess it’s good to see who’ll be joining the third movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 got an 8/10 from me. I can’t wait to see what they have in store next, although to be honest, I’m not that excited about teenage Groot.


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