Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge: Ah, You Again, Sparrow.

This was quite a ride. And I enjoyed it, a lot.

After the few boring movies, Pirates of the Caribbean is finally back on entertaining us and doing what it does best: comedy.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure if it will do well with everyone.

We start with a young Henry Turner going to visit his daddy, the sad looking Will Turner on Dutchman. The boy swore to his father that one day he would break the curse that was keeping his father away from home.

Then nine years later, we got a grown up Henry running into a group of pirate ghosts, led by Captain Salazar, who is going to haunt me for weeks. Captain Salazar noticed that Henry was a little obsessed with Jack Sparrow, so he asked the boy to find Sparrow to deliver a message to him.

So Henry found Sparrow, in the most inconvenient way possible, as the old pirate was stuck in a jail for trying to rob a bank. Also, a nerdy girl named Carina found Henry and discovered that they were after the same thing: the Poseidon Trident.

Carina believed that finding it was what her father would have wanted, since she’d never known him, and Henry believed that finding it would break Will Turner’s curse. Then Jack, who wanted none of it, was forced to join in because Captain Salazar was already on his way to find him.

Long story short, Carina, Henry, and Jack teamed up to find the trident.

Of course, it was difficult to get to it first when Captain Salazar was already ruling the sea.

I didn’t even know the movie was shorter than the others. It was so entertaining. My friend and I were laughing most of the time, and we left smiling.

I did’nt even dissect too much into what went wrong, because I could’ve found a lot of things going off if I’d done that.

This movie got conveniences left and right, and we all knew what would happen and how it would happen. We knew everyone’s alliances, the budding romance happening, and how things would end, eventually. It was so predictable.

But the way it was done, I must way, was ridiculously entertaining. At this point, I expected myself to want to punch Jack in the face the moment he appeared, but my desire to see him dead was reduced to a little poke. His character wasn’t as compelling as the others, and I was wondering why we needed him here?

If the movie had only been about Henry and Carina looking for the trident because they both got daddy issues and needed to fix things, I’d have been okay with it. Of course, it’d be less funny, since most of the laughs were directed at Jack. But it would have worked anyway.

There were tons of plot holes, and as much as I wanted to ignore them, I couldn’t. I mean, it was so hard to just look the other way when there were things left forgotten.

And don’t even get me to talk about the writing. It was somewhat recycled and lazy, so let me just ignore that too and appreciate this movie for being entertaining enough.

Salazar’s Revenge got a 7/10. This is also, surprisingly, rewatchable for me. I wouldn’t usually say this for a PoTC movie, but I just did.

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