Wonder Woman: DC Getting It Right

I finally enjoyed a DC movie without bleeding internally every five seconds. I mean, I did cry a little when CGI effects failed, but that was about it.

Wonder Woman is a DC masterpiece.

We began in Paris, where Diana Prince received a gift from Bruce Wayne. The gift was of course, the original copy of the photo he’d found of her in BvS.

Then Diana looked at the picture while telling us her story.

It began with the creation of mankind. Zeus loved his creation so much that one of his children, Ares, decided to show Zeus the darkness in men. Ares whispered hatred into men and started wars.

Zeus decided to create a weapon to kill Ares and leave the weapon in the hands of the Amazons, protectors of the world.

Thus, we got to meet them, living happily and peacefully on Themyscira. The only child on that island, Diana, was the princess who was created by clay and brought to life by Zeus. Or so she believed.

Diana was always a warrior at heart, since she’d shown interest in training eversince she was a child. Despite the queen’s disapproval, Diana started training with Antiope, the strongest Amazon, and grew into a fierce warrior.

One day, a spy who was escaping from the Germans crashed and drowned in the Themyscira waters, bringing the German soldiers into the hidden island.

The Amazons fought them, and even though they had won, Antiope got shot and died in Diana’s arms.

After the spy revealed his mission and how he was trying to do what was right and save the world, Diana insisted that the wars were caused by Ares and that she had to go kill him as an Amazon.

So she helped Steve, the spy, escape and went with him, after her mother let her go and told her that she might never be able to return to Themyscira. Diana and Steve sailed to London after the farewell, and that was the last of Themyscira. Sadly.

The duo arrived in London, hideous London, and Diana wasn’t pleased. Furthermore, she had to face the cold treatment towards women and the fact that she had to dress like other women, skirts and all.

When Steve presented the authority with his findings as a spy, nobody supported him and he had to plan another way to stop the Germans with Diana. Thus, the duo teamed up with a few men and fought their way to stop the war.

Diana kicked ass. She was the power in the group, the leader, and an unstoppable force.

I loved how her character developed, and she got to see different sides of the world. It wasn’t the “I am right” all the time, but at times, Diana was proven wrong as well. She grew up in an isolated island, and there was no way she understood the world the way others did.

Yet her character still symbolized hope to the world, when everything was going awfully wrong and she came with her strength and determination to kill Ares. Even though that was a bit off and just strange to not only her friends, but to me too.

The actors delivered well it made me so happy. Gal Gadot is the best Wonder Woman DC had ever given us. I know in the past we were presented with horrible outfit that probably was all they could do, but this is the first time I didn’t feel like Wonder Woman was objectified too much.

Yes, she’s gorgeous and it’s mentioned a lot throughout the movie, but instead of “too much skin” I saw power. She looked insanely strong, like I believed her Wonder Woman could actually carry the world.

Chris Pine’s character was excellent. His character served as somewhat a needed force in Diana’s development, and his exit was well done. He was a man who knew what he had to do, and was only afraid of not doing anything to help others. He saw what Diana could not and refused to see, so when Diana needed it the most, he gave her his strength.

Now, Mr. Weasley. Uhm. When I read the comics, I imagined him differently, but I guess he would do too. I mean, it wasn’t too hard to imagine him out of the Weasley house or the Ministry of Magic. Is that what he does when he’s not with his family?

Anyways. I cannot wait to see Wonder Woman in Justice League.

Two DC movies this year. Damn. Gal Gadot has been busy.

Wonder Woman is a solid 8/10 from me. I find some scenes too cliche and it was very predictable (or maybe I should abandon all comic knowledge as I watch) to me, but I absolutely love this movie.

You who haven’t seen it, go now.

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