Power Rangers: the Krispy Kreme Battle

I finally got to see this movie, and it wasn’t that I intentionally missed it when it came out… I simply had no idea. This movie came out of nowhere.

But apparently it still happened, and I could not ignore it for long.

The movie starts with a battle in which the original rangers were losing. They lost to a green ranger who’d turned evil, and before everything blew up, the red ranger decided to store the power coins away for some people to find them in the future.

And the future has never looked so dark.

So we have five teenagers who struggle with, well, pretty much what everyone goes through in highschool. They’re all different, and the one thing that got them together one day was detention.

We have Jason, a popular kid who got into a bad prank and ended up in house arrest and detention every saturday. He then made friends with a geeky bully magnet named Billy, who is so adorable it’s so hard to hate him. Then he kept feeling this strange attraction towards a popular girl, Kimberly, who ended up in detention too.

For some reason, following Billy around to a gold mine, Jason ran into Kimberly who happened to live near by. We were also introduced to two more characters, Zack and Trini.

After an explosion at the mine, Jason, Billy, Kimberly, Zack, and Trini found power coins that had been buried for centuries. The next day, they woke up with powers.

Meanwhile, the body of the green rangers from centuries ago was found, and she started going all creepy all over the city, looking for the rangers.

The five kids gathered together to discuss their newfound powers, and found a base while arguing. They were then confronted by Zordon and Alpha5, an annoying little blob I’d never liked since I was a kid.

Zordon told the kids they didn’t have much time before the green ranger, Rita, recovered and killed everyone. So the kids started training and preparing themselves to fight Rita.

I wasn’t prepared for this movie at all. And I actually enjoyed it.

Even though I wasn’t invested in the characters, I was interested in what they were up to. I cared enough to wonder what the hell would these kids do, and where they’d go.

Individually, these kids were interesting. If we’d focused on their stories more, I simply wouldn’t mind. Instead, we got the last act, of them morphing and fighting, to dominate the movie.

Honestly, it wasn’t bad either. It was like reliving childhood. In a way, there was this excitement when the song “Go, go, Power Rangers” was on, and this joy in singing along to it.

The movie, for some reason, even though nailing a lot of things well, just didn’t fall together in one solid piece. It felt like going from one museum floor to another, from one category to another.

The best things in this movie are probably the references. The random nerdy comments, or the fact that the rangers were protecting their local Krispy Kreme.

I’d never been so happy to know that the rangers and I shared the same value: DONUTS for the win.

Best thing ever.

If only they could focus on one mood and tone, it’d be much better.

The saddest thing was, of course, to know that this movie flopped. I mean, come on Power Rangers fans! Where are y’all at?

Probably like me, not knowing that this movie existed.

Power Rangers got a 7/10 from me. I’m not sure if I’d ever watch it again, but maybe one of these days I might… might.

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