Arirang “Very Spicy” Ramen Review 

There was a stall without anyone guarding it, and it had “Arirang” written on the banner. I thought, “oh cool” and saw noodle packages so I ended up taking some to the cashier. 

So I present thee with Arirang “very spicy” noodles. 

It didn’t look that sketchy so I thought why not right? 

Turned out, this was a good alternative. 

The cooking instructions were just like Samyang’s, and I just assumed this would work too. 

Maybe it could be as spicy? 

Oh and I remembered I still got kimchi in the fridge. 

The noodles came with a hell lot generous amount of seaweed. I was so surprised when I saw how much seaweed bits came out of the little package. 

The sauce was oily before it got mixed into my noodles, and it smelled pretty good when everything came together. 

The kimchi was of course from my fridge, so don’t expect to find any of you got this. 

Okay, I’ll get to the important part. 

This one exceeded my expectations. I didn’t think it’d be this good, since this came out of nowhere. 

But it worked well. The seaweed balanced it well, and it felt like a home cooked meal on a plate. 

Did it burn? Hell yes. 

I got Kylie Jenner lips five minutes into this. But just up there, it didn’t burn as badly as Samyang would. 

Which is good, I guess? Depending on what you’re looking for. 

It wasn’t sweet, the flavor was just right. It had this heat that reminded me of kimchi jigae somehow. 

It’s somewhat like a combination of paldo and samyang on a plate. It was such a good snack. 

So I am going to buy more if I can find it again. This is a good subs whenever samyang isn’t around. 

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