I saw the new Mummy movie and texted my bestie

So I found it online, available and ready to watch. Can’t blame me. Nowadays internet lets this kinda thing happen. 

Plus, movie tickets should be saved for important movies… like Justice League later on this year. 

So since my best friend is a big Mummy fan (Imhotep, yo, Imhotep.. oh and Dwayne Johnson as CGI scorpion king), I decided to text her since watching this kinda movie alone is never my thing. 

She suggested somewhere during my intense commenting to post the chat here, so here it goes. 

At least I can see this again for reference later, just in case I get amnesia and decide to rewatch (hell no). 

Well apparently even till now she is still faithful to her beloved Imhotep. 

Daniella ended up giving this movie a 3/10. 

I happen to agree. I think that’s pretty fair. 

The story is about… Tom Cruise and Jake Johnson on a spring break holiday, finding Mummy Sofia and after some wild, wild, wild dreams, found themselves where they started again. 

As if nothing happened. 

Should y’all see it? Uhm. No. 

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