Raven’s Home: O Snap, She’s Back!

SHE IS BACK! And she is still as awesome as we all remember her in That's So Raven!

I doubt I'm the only "adult" who is tuning in Disney Channel again for this show. I checked on Instagram earlier, and a lot of people my age and even older have seen the show because well, who wouldn't? That's So Raven was the one of the best things growing up.


So what's different now? A lot, apparently.

Raven and Chelsea are divorced women who live together, because hey, it's just convenient when your best friend is a divorcee too and happens to have a big enough apartment for you and your son to move into.

Raven's got twins, Booker and Nia, and Chelsea got a child who is her exact opposite, by that I mean ridiculously mature beyond his years, Levi. Chelsea and Levi decided to move into Raven's home, HAH, and together it's a full house.

A really fun one, that is. Where do I sign the lease?

Raven and Chelsea haven't changed, and still have the #friendshipgoals vibe going on. Doh. They're living together, raising their children.

Unfortunately, Raven and Devon didn't make it. They did make two children, but then they went separate ways and just co-parent the kids peacefully.

Raven still does the most ridiculous things to prevent her visions from happening. It's like, girl learned nothing at all. Either you make them happen or worse.

Episode 1, and I already miss Victor and Tanya and the one and only Cory. Can they make a family gathering or something? Early Christmas, perhaps? I know some people were looking for Eddie, and most of us get it. We know Orlando's been going through a lot of things, and the dude can't make it. Plus, we all should see it as, not all high school best friends stay together. A lot of us go separate ways during or after college. And considering the two girls got married and have kids, I'd imagine it be difficult to stay in touch.

Speaking of different, Raven is not the only psychic in her little family. As it turns out, Booker starts getting visions too. However, his roommate Levi told him that it's not a good idea to tell Raven, since Raven Baxter wouldn't believe in such things… because he has no clue that his mother is psychic too!

So this is going to be fun.

I CANNOT wait to see episode 2. I am super excited, and I was smiling from ear to ear the whole time episode 1 was on TV.

What a treat.

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