Descendants 2: Isle of the Lost and Found

So many things happen in this movie. I honestly lost track. Even though, I still enjoyed it and was super excited for every single song.

We started out with the “So many ways to be wicked” song that’s been stuck in everyone’s head for the past few weeks. As it turned out, the song was just happening in Mal’s head, as in reality, she was cornered by some reporters who kept pressing her with inappropriate questions.


Mal secretly was still practicing magic, and she didn’t feel like she belonged in Auradon. She tried to blend in, but deep down, she was always the girl from the Isle.

When Ben found out that Mal was still practicing magic, he got mad at her and Mal decided to go back to the Isle of the Lost.

Evie went to inform Ben right away the moment she found Mal’s note, and the two of them decided to drag Jay and Carlos all the way to the Isle to find Mal. There, Evie tried to teach Ben how to act like a villain. And this has become one of my favorites, Chillin like a Villain is such a fun song. Plus, the dance moves are very Michael Jackson’s Thriller.


Meanwhile, in the village town, we got a big bad in charge. Uma, the daughter of Ursula, was always angry that Ben never invited her to Auradon, instead only chose Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay. She got gorgeous Harry Hook and the ever so naive Gil Gaston with her, and together they wanted to rule the world. Or something like that.


What’s My Name has been stuck in my head for a week now, so.. go China.

Evie, Ben, Jay, and Carlos reached the Isle and Ben tried to talk to Mal about what happened. He apologized and asked her to come back with him; however, Mal made up her mind and decided to break up with Ben, staying back and telling him to go back alone.

Ben who was upset walked away alone outside, and got kidnapped by Uma’s gang. Harry Hook came over just to let them know that Mal was expected to go see Uma by herself if she wanted Ben safe.

Uma then told Mal to bring her the Fairy Godmother’s wand for Ben’s life. Carlos and Jay went back to Auradon to create a copy of Fairy Godmother’s wand.

Meanwhile, Mal and Evie shared a Gabriella and Troy moment from HSM2. They sang Space Between and swore to remain friends forever. This is actually a really good song. It’s very romantic… I actually forgot that Mal was dating Ben, instead of Evie.


Lonnie, Mulan’s daughter, blackmailed Jay and Carlos to take her to the Isle because she wanted to join in their adventure. She’s like her mom, really tough and skilled, so the boys let her come.

Then the next day, the exchange took place. Of course, the kids had to sing It’s Going Down first, perhaps to show us that Dove and China could rap? Even though I must say, they weren’t very good. I enjoyed the song, but…


After Uma got the wand and Ben was released, the bad bad side realized that the wand was a fake, and the two sides started fighting. Our King and our beloved villains escaped, of course, but without leaving behind Mal’s spellbook for Uma to use later on.

Honestly, I just wanted some explanation to things.


I’m taking some time to appreciate these baby boys.

Back in Auradon, Carlos made his best friends sit down to talk things out. So Evie told Mal that she should at least go to the Cotilion and see if she really couldn’t stay in Auradon anymore. And in probably one of the sweetest scenes ever, Jay told Mal that if she couldn’t, he’d drive her back first thing in the morning.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 7.51.08 PM

What a good friend. Writers, you sure Jay was a villain?

Then, during Cotilion, the worst thing happened. When Mal was dressed head to toe in Evie’s design, Ben came down with Uma next to him, claiming to have fallen for her on the Isle.

Of course, Ben’s strange behavior and his sudden order to have the Isle of the Lost freed got everyone alarmed. Then, when the crowd was presented by Ben’s work, glass piece of him and Mal, not the lady in the court Mal, but the real Mal… Mal came to her senses that Ben truly loved her for who she was. So she kissed him and the true love’s kiss broke the spell that Uma had casted on Ben.

Outraged, Uma turned into a giant cecalia because, why have a Cotilion in a castle when you could have it on a boat, right? Surrounded by water and totally vulnerable?

On the other hand, Mal turned into a dragon. Then Ben went “RAWR” and jumped into the water, staying human. Like, I was so confused. What was he supposed to do again?

Oh, he talked Uma out of hurting anyone, and she went away.

Afterwards, Mal turned back into herself, with dry, wavy hair, and a new dress. Girl, Evie should really be mad that her dress got ruined. I had so many questions…


So, everyone started singing You and Me and danced happily in the flooded boat. But of course, it wasn’t the end.

Descendants 3, I suppose?

I actually really enjoyed this movie. I’m already thinking of rewatching it and singing along to the songs. Because they’re a lot of fun.

There were plenty of plotholes, but I think they weren’t planning to go over 2 hours, so they did what they could. I have so many questions unanswered.


However, the music was a lot of fun, the characters were well developed. I’m not really sure what’s up with random ones being thrown into the plot, like Lonnie, for instance. So many references to the Disney classics. Uma stealing Ben like Ursula stole Eric from Ariel. It’s great, don’t get me wrong. And the Kiss the Girl song in the background during Cotilion was brilliant too. But I just didn’t really see the point.

You could cram a lot of things into a movie, but sometimes, the simplest story sold best.

Then again, this is Disney.

8/10 is what I give Descendants 2. LOVE THIS MOVIE.




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