Samyang Wasabi and Mayo Review

I love Samyang, and if I had to choose between romantic love and Samyang, Samyang would win any day.

So the other day when I spotted Samyang Wasabi and Mayo, I grabbed it and paid for it.

I never had Wasabi because it I wasn't into the idea of green mush on my food, but I knew Mayo tasted good so why not.

So there were three different sauces: Wasabi, Mayo, and Special Soy.

I cooked water first, and then poured some in until the line suggested in the cup before closing it for few minutes.

There are holes on the side. So I drained the noodles from the hot water first, then I poured the noodles and the veggies (yes it came with veggies inside) into a bowl.

Mixed with the sauce and voila! I tried to make it look pretty.

I don't even know what I was trying to do with this.

So this happened after I mixed the sauces altogether. It smelled like Wasabi, and I wasn't very happy with it. My only hope was that my kimchi could save this.

As it turned out, my eyes felt burned the moment I brought the bowl close to my face. And the Wasabi stung my nose. It literally hurt.

I tried with my kimchi. To help this madness.

It helped a bit. I could somewhat ignore the Wasabi sting in my nose for two bites.

But in the end, my nose hurt so badly that I had to stop and take few deep breaths.

I tried again, but couldn't finish it. It hurt so much.

Shame on me. I never thought there would be noodles I couldn't finish.

But this hurt physically, right away. I think my eyes still twitch until now.

The flavor was almost nonexistent. It was literally Wasabi, I think, even though I never had it. And it burned in all the wrong places. Like, my eyes and nose shouldn't suffer like this.

Usually I'd just get Kylie Jenner lips and stomach roast for few hours. And I'm used to that already.

I am 100% sure that I will never ever get this again, and that I'll think twice before buying anything with Wasabi on the cover.

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