Omori Kimchi Stew Ramen Review

One of these days I need to stop eating these noodles. But then before that, I got something to say about this one first.

Because this was good.

I spotted this: Omori Kimchi Stew Ramen at a convenience store, and because it was late and restaurants were closed, I decided to make this my dinner.

And as it turned out, inside this were the noodles, seasoning package, and a mini package of real kimchi too.

I did the usual instant cup routine: hot water in, letting it sit for 3-4 min, then stir.

I moved it to a bowl, though, just because I could.

No, it did not come with the side dishes. Those were my own.

This was a good treat. There was more heat to this than I expected, and it wasn't as sour as I thought it'd be, just because usually kimchi flavored ramen would be somewhat sour.

It was a really nice meal. A little bit spicy, not too salty, and slightly sour of kimchi bites.

Of course I added the side dishes in as well, which made the whole thing even better. Although, without the side dishes, the noodles would do well too.

I'd put this under the category of "What to eat when it's raining outside and you want comfort food."

It's like a 7/10 type of instant noodles, you can't not like it, because it's pretty damn good and comforting.

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