The Defenders: A Devil, An Alcoholic, A Human Shield, and A Glowing Credit Card

I waited for this show for so long, and when it came out, I was so happy. I mean, just imagine, we finally got to see Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage together!

Oh, I kept forgetting the “you’re still there” Danny Rand, aka “the immortal Iron Fist.” defenders

So our heroes ran into each other, Luke ran into Danny when their interests clashed and beat the crap out of each other. Not gonna lie, I was rooting for Luke to finish Danny. But of course that didn’t happen, because Danny got the iron fist.

Matt took up Jessica’s case when she got into trouble, again. He was hinting that he was interested in her special abilities, but Jessica being Jessica just walked out on him. Of course,on one fateful day, Jessica spotted Matt pull a Spiderman-change-up-in-the-alley one day and figured out that he was Daredevil.

Then everyone came together when Danny got himself into a lion’s cave. He challenged the Hand indirectly, not knowing that the leader, Alexandra, was right in the room with him. She ordered everyone to get him, and if Luke hadn’t found him, Danny would have been taken away. So of course, the bulletproof dude and the annoying one started fighting against the bad guys. At the same time, Matt and Jessica were racing towards them because they had some business to take care of as well. So our favorite PI and lawyer ended up punching some bad guys before running into the other duo.

And the four of them found themselves going, “Oh you know him? He knows him? He knows you?” before deciding to fight together to get out alive.

Before you know it, they all ended up at a Chinese restaurant. Then, Danny pulled his credit card and got the whole place for themselves for a bit. There, they were joined by Stick, who’d escaped the Hand and had been looking for the Iron Fist.


The moment Danny said, “I am the immortal Iron Fist,” you could almost hear everyone’s eye roll, loud and clear.

the defenders together

Marvel’s The Defenders + Stick (- 1 hand because he cut it off to escape the Hand)

So the Hand resurrected Elektra and made her the ultimate weapon, the Black Sky. Then Black Sky, who had no memories of her life, ran around doing errands that Alexandra assigned her. She was very effective, until she ran into Matt. For some reason, Black Sky could not kill Matt, and that convinced her ex that there was still some Elektra in her.

Of course, it’s always the tragic love story. The “She is still in there, I swear. I can get to her” typical amnesiac-villain-fighting-former-lover-hero story line.


The big bad this time was Alexandra, the leader of the Hand, a few hundred year old lady who was so stoic you wondered if she was happy that she was dying or not? Not sure. She was pretty cool though.


Everyone came back by the way. Karen, Foggy, Stick, and Elektra from Daredevil; Colleen Wing from Iron Fist, and the annoying Bakuto too; Misty Knight from Luke Cage; Tess and Malcolm from Jessica Jones are back; Lady Gao came back too yo; and of course, the one and only Claire Temple from every single one of the shows. It’s like, “hey it’s not MCU without Claire in it.”

This show somewhat lived up to my expectation. There were times when it was just the dream trio, without Danny, because even the characters could tell that he would somehow be a burden. And to say that I did not enjoy that would be a lie. I liked the three of them together. Well, maybe the three of them plus Colleen. I love Colleen.

Eight episodes were enough, and good enough to watch in one sitting, which was what I did.

defenders trio

I did not like the whole Matt-Elektra part though, because sure, it wasn’t even that major. That part was downplayed so much that I couldn’t care less. And it reflected Matt’s true character. This guy had never let go of anything in his life. His father’s death, his love for being a vigilante, Elektra, and literally was the hardest guy to convince to move on, no matter how convincing his “I am alright” act was.

Jessica stayed true to herself, the whole time. She cared so much, but refused to show it by saying she didn’t care, yet her actions always said the truth. When everyone was keen on saving the city, she stated that she only wanted to solve her case and walked away. However, like two seconds after that, she came back just in time to save the team. She still didn’t give two shits on how people saw her, and I love that. Jessica Jones, you go girl.

As for Luke Cage. I mean, he’s always this really cool guy that everyone wants to be like or friends with. In this show, he was that too. He wasn’t shying around anymore with his “H” status though, and after Danny, he was the one who opened up better than the others to the team. He instantly made Danny Rand a much more tolerable character, every time they were in a scene together. No kidding, try to watch the show and see their chemistry.

Danny Rand. I have no word. Like, none.


I like Finn Jones, guys, it’s not that I don’t like the actor. I just don’t like the character. Plus, Danny didn’t fix his temper in this show, so I still don’t think he’s good enough for Colleen.

I probably will end up binge watching this show again from episode 1 to 8 this weekend, who knows. I waited so long for this show that watching it once just did not do it justice. Or me, in that matter.

The Defenders is an 8/10 for me. Should you watch it? Hell’s kitchen YES.


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