Movie Review: Bloody, Used Death Note

Netflix decided to remake Death Note, and people lost their minds.

Don’t laugh. In Seattle, a teenager named Light Turner found a book called Death Note. After witnessing his classmate being harassed and being bullied himself, he was angry at the way the world ignored violence and harassment done to innocent people.

Then during detention, a death god Ryuk paid him a visit and dared him to write a name in the Death Note. If he wrote someone’s name in the book while picturing the person’s face, the person would die. And the death could be of many reasons, depending on the book owner.

Persuaded, Light ended up writing a bully’s name in the book, and watched the bully die.

Light was horrified, and went home with the book. He was amused and at the same time impressed by how easy the death was, so when presented with an opportunity to write the name of the man who had killed his mother, Light took it.

The boy realized that he had the power to kill “bad people” and started planning the death of criminals in the book. Then when he was reading the rules of the book, a girl from school, Mia, asked him about the book.

Light ended up telling Mia everything about the book and what he’d done, proving to her that he’d gotten power to make the world a better place. Together, Mia and Light started working together and used the name “Kira” as the one in charge of killing the criminals.

Unfortunately for them, the many deaths attracted the attention of one of the best detectives in the world, went by the name L. So L tracked down the location of Kira to Seattle, and figured out that Kira was Light.

I am not sure if I liked this movie or if I just tried hard to like it.

When I saw the trailer, I was excited, because I knew that this would be a Death Note movie that I could watch without having to read subtitles. I read comments on the trailer, and people were not excited about the movie. I get it. Everyone wanted to move to Japan and live happily with the death god Ryuk.

So do I!

But sometimes it’s okay to have some movies remade, especially when the audience is like me. Subtitles look like blurred lines to me, and this movie helped me. Somewhat.

Not saying that it’s better than the original.

Because it certainly is not.

The actors tried their best, or so it seemed. I had no problem with L, actually, especially since the way he was running on the streets looked really good. By that I mean funny. Apart from that, there wasn’t much that I enjoyed about this movie.

Halfway through it, I was wondering, “What in the world am I watching?” It was fun in the beginning, like the first ten minutes. Then, it became some teen drama with sappy romance, and simply unbearable. I could not stand it.

I did finish watching it though.

Netflix Death Note is a 5/10 from me. Would I watch it again? Nope.

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