Disgust whelms me with every replayed scene

The thought just came upon me. I now recall the dreadful dream that made me toss and turn all night. The discomfort and shiver is back with every replayed scene. I now know why my mind concealed this after my wake. I wonder why this particular dream came to me tonight.

A hospital with several wards. On one side, it appeared luxurious like a five star hotel. On the other, the horror, suffering and pleas – I can’t erase from memory.

I walked on the luxurious side, admiring the ones with little regards of my existence. Walking around with brands, ignorant to their fortunes. I stood close to the window and envied. As if waiting for them to throw their scraps so I could fight over with others who stupidly stood there as well.

It was a carefully constructed world, the envied vs the envious.

Till I decided to spy on the opposite side, and the horror never left.

I saw men piled in a room, naked, helpless, begging for help. With every room I opened, the screams and pleas swelled.

The dirt, smell of rotten egg mix with a sight of dried sweat and blood that had formed a second layer on their flesh made it all inhumane. It couldn’t be unseen. I closed the door as fast as my shivering hands could.

And ran through the corridors like a mad woman. But then I heard a voice I recognized. I stopped, opened the door and saw horror yet again.

This time different – someone I recognized – a friend from my past.

“Help me!” He said a couple of time as he tried to grab me. I panicked

Disgust over his condition made me nauseous. Disgust – fear

I shut the door as fast as I could

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry”… I said as I fled

I ran till I found myself on the other side, where the envied resided

Upon my arrival, it didn’t look as before

Something had changed

The once envious ignorant fool that walked around, admiring trivialities was gone

It was only ‘I’ that remained, the frightened, disgusted, shivery being with memories of the ones I had left to their misery.

By Daniella D.

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