Blade Runner 2049: A Long, Beautiful Ride

This movie was so long. Literally. Every shot.

At the same time, every shot was visually stunning. My eyes could not complain.

Now, considering I have never seen the 1982 movie, this was a pretty good ride. I probably should have seen it before, but I got no time.

So here we are in 2049, when humans mock the replicas, the clones with human memories. They’re very human like that it’s hard to tell them apart.

And we have K (Ryan Gosling), a blade runner, in charge of “retiring” his kind. We got to witness one of his missions, in which he killed an old replica who told him that he hadn’t witnessed miracles yet to see things differently.

That haunted K for some reason, especially since he found a flower in the world where trees and plants were all dead.

K was living a monotonous life, checking in and out of work, and going back home to a hologram girlfriend who was as real as her brand. He wasn’t supposed to understand and rely on relationships, so he was caged in his defined purpose of existence.

Then apparently on the site where his last mission took place, they found a trunk full of bones of a woman who died in childbirth. However, the woman turned out to be a replica. And after deciding that she died after giving birth to a child, they wondered where the child had gone.

Immediately, the force assigned K the task to eliminate every evidence pointing at the possibility of replicas giving birth.

Meanwhile, K felt that something was bugging him, and hesitated. He started remembering his childhood, and how he had a toy with a date carved into it. The date carved into the toy was the same date the missing child was born.

So K started his investigation, and it led him to Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford).

This movie is stunning. Every single scene was done beautifully. Yes, I do think some people might doze off during this movie, but it is truly a beautiful work of art.

Some problems I had with this movie though, lie in the plot holes. Some stuff seemed unnecessary. I am not sure why some things were in the movie. I questioned why some scenes were included, and why some scenes were painfully slow.

We can analyze this movie, break down the story, and connect the dots. But, some things still fell flat to me even after I’d done those.

But then again, my eyes couldn’t complain, and the actors did their best. I loved the performances done in this movie, and maybe I would watch the 1982 movie soon.

To people who enjoy beautiful movies, this is for you. This is the movie you should enjoy with your equally nerdy friends.

It is an 8/10. And everyone should watch it.

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