Pour Moi

She was weak, and I could not miss her any less.

She stood like a well polished Barbie doll, so much faith

In her beauty, her virtue, her nonexistent strength to

Survive the blast that hit her few years back.

She had no fear when it came to embracing one

Horrible mistake of misplacing trust, of having

The courage to allow her heart to feel. Like a fool,

Like a foolish girl she fell hard on her face.

She chose to forgive and forget, letting her mistakes

Grow bigger and louder. Permitting them to scratch,

Stab, slice, and cut her heart out. Never did she see it

Coming, full speed, hitting her hard mercilessly.

She deserved better, everyone she knew whispered

But what would it take to make her listen? The breeze

Held more stories than she knew. The shy voices full

Of warning. But she denied the spots and signs.

It took a miracle for her to die and come back as

Someone else. The one person she had killed when

She decided that love was worth the try. The person who

Is now fighting for life and happiness. For me.

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