Halloween Random Facts

1. Apparently in some places, animal shelters refused to let black cats out for adoption because some people would sacrifice them. ARGH. POURQUOI?!?!?

2. If you want the best Halloween experience, go to New York. They go crazy over this. The dead is rising!!! Dead is rising!!!

3. After Christmas, guess what’s most popular in money making? Halloween. I mean, doh, everyone has to buy or make costumes, buy candies, and decorations for the houses. That is a lot of money. We don’t even dress up on Christmas.

4. The superstition is that, if you hear an owl cry on Halloween, you’ll die. Don’t fuss over it though when you do, because everyone dies anyway.

5. Harry Houdini died on Halloween. Those of you who don’t know, he was all about magic.

7. Why do you dress up on Halloween? To disguise yourself doh. The spirits won’t haunt you if you look like one of them.

8. Another superstition, is that if you wear your clothes inside out and walk backwards, you might see a witch at midnight. Although considering the day, you will still see a lot of witches everywhere you go.

9. The word “witch” comes from the word wicce, which means a wise woman. So are you a witch?

10. 50% kids prefer chocolate on Halloween, so if you’re buying candies, make sure you get chocolates.

11. Before pumpkins, there were turnips. So if you can’t get pumpkins, people, get turnips!!!

12. Oh. And you’re supposed to dance to get treats. Put on your dancing shoes and a show.

13. If you wanna look different, don’t dress like a witch, any Batman character (Catwoman, Robin, Joker, etc), a pirate, or a Marvel hero.

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