Stranger Things 2: Will and Jane

Last season everyone was busy searching for Will. This season everyone was busy figuring out Will.

Stranger Things should have another title like “the Strange Case of Will and Jane,” because the story is about those two kids. When one was missing, one appeared, when one was losing control, the other was missing. Just my thought.

Dustin is my favorite though, so it doesn’t matter whose story got bigger spotlight, Dustin is my little man.

This season started with a girl with some powers like Eleven, avoiding cops after committing to some robbery with her friends. We don’t know her name or why the hell is she there, but let’s just leave it at that.

Then we get to the meat, aka our beloved characters and what’s been going on with them. The boys are buy trying to figure out someone who beat them at their arcade game, Will is getting treated for his PTSD … or is it? Nancy and Steve are having some problems with their relationship because Nancy can’t get over Barb’s death… Jonathan is being Jonathan… and Eleven is in hiding with Hopper.

Haha yeah, Eleven is out there and well.

Then things got interesting, obviously.

Dustin finds a creature in his trash can, naming it Dart, and spoiling it like anyone would a new baby turtle.

Nancy and Steve break up, sending Nancy to Jonathan and leading to them confessing their feelings for each other.

Lucas and a new girl Max are hitting it off, growing closer despite Dustin crushing on Max too.

A new relationship is formed, the Dustin-Steve ship that everyone is shipping.

Eleven finds her mother, who tells her to find the powerful girl we met when the series started, and decides that even though she likes having a sister, she belongs with Hopper and Mike.

Oh by the way, from now on we will go with Jane instead of Eleven.

I can’t spoil anymore, and it’s been so hard to not talk about this show to my friends since they haven’t seen season two. So painful.

This season is everything I wanted and more. We see some real character development here. And I am talking Steve development kind. He is now my second favorite. Since no one can ever beat Dustin in my heart.

We see new relationships, and I am not complaining. The boys are growing up and puberty is hard, so it’s nice to see them crushing on girls and dealing with some mad life and death matters in their adorable, raw, creative ways. I am also loving the new characters. Maybe not all of them. Some characters feel a little off, like you watch them and you wonder, “Why is this person here?”

You can take some characters out and it won’t change a thing, and that’s how you know if a character is off. Sigh. Yes, I am thinking of a boy who prefers to unbutton his shirts wherever and got fluffy hair, I really don’t think he is needed that much.

I must admit, some things aren’t working for me. There are references everywhere this season, and I like them, until it got too repetitive that I just had to distract myself and focus on other things that make me happier. Like Dustin and Steve.

The pacing is another thing that bothers me a little. It feels like a roller coaster ride, when you’re slowly going up to the top, not really knowing when you’ll get dropped and everything feels so slow. Then suddenly it is a big bam and you’re dropped all the way down before ending the ride with some sweet dance scenes.

Obviously, considering how I’ve seen season two twice, I have no crazy problem that bugs me. I love this show. I love this season. And I cannot wait for season three.

Stranger Things 2 is an 8.5/10 from me. Seriously people, watch it.

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