Oublie Paris, Bienvenue a Deauville

By Daniella

About 2 hours 50 mins by train from Paris et voila!, Deauville, a beautiful city located by la plague with an amazing scenery that would dazzle you with its beauty, and perhaps trigger your ideal vacay fantasy – especially if your parisian days are behind you.

If you’re into gambling or if you feel like your luck is brimming, this is your vacay spot

– OR –

if you just want to enjoy the beautiful seaside, then here’s also a place for you

– ALSO –

if you want to enjoy a summer of romance, then I can’t help you there, BUT perhaps you’ll find a hot French Zac Effron, or a Dwight Johnson from Baywatch.

We decided to travel back and from Courbevoie in Paris to Deauville located in the region of Normandy because it was cost-efficient. Little did we know that we will spend so much more due to a little mistake we made. I mean, who forgets to check the weather before embarking on a trip, especially to the beach?

The night before, we had our stuff packed – towels, swimsuits and all…but I was not about to drown or get my hair wet (I just had it done). The cooler was full of my favorite beverage- cider and actual beer of course, and snacks for the trip.

But when we got there, it was pouring.

Imagine the look of disappointment on our faces. It wasn’t like we were going to swim anyways because I was not about to make a mess of my hair, but still … it was quite disappointing to see the sand of the beach, left moist by the tears of the sky.

Well if it was any comforting, we still did have a great picnic at the park, underneath some sort of canopy. And after the sky had cried its heart out, we sightsaw a little before departing with a lesson always to be remembered: ‘Check the weather!’

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