The Devil’s Girl

Some nights the cruel ceiling condemns you,

Mocking your choices and where you’re at,

Not here, not there where you wish

To be strong takes courage and guts

You don’t have, for you are sleeping with the devil

And you’re too scared to walk away.

He beats you, hurts you, pins you down

With empty promises, and you take

Every beating like your life depends on it.

Your life.

What life? He asks as he holds your hands

Chaining them to a cold wall of shame.

Your guilt for letting him in, for falling

Into a sweet trap of bottomless pit.

You forgot then how to look in the mirror

Who’s that, staring at you, begging

For mercy? Who’s that, bruised and scarred?

Who have you become?

Outside this you try to save yourself, preaching

Self love and self worth to others, but

Who will listen to a woman without worth?

Nobody will love you if you don’t, so you lie

Through your teeth and you claim freedom

You don’t even believe in. Freedom is not yours

It will never be unless you fight for it.

But tonight after you’re done inspiring those

Younger, brighter, happier girls who adore you

Your steps will drag you back to your

Broken sanctuary of cold walls and cruel ceiling.

There you will once again slip into a beautiful

Yet torn up nightgown and lie down next to your devil.

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