My Top Five Favorite Female Instagram Pages

  1.  HAMAMAT (An entrepreneur, mother, model, and an advocate against skin bleaching) – For the love of Africa which Hamamat displays in her Instagram page as a continent full of beauty and potential. 

  2. LIANE VALENZUELA (Entrepreneur, actress, model, singer) – For a good laugh and further inspiration that things get better with time.

3. MINNIE DLAMINI (Entrepreneur, model, South Africa TV personality) – For future body goal and success

 4. KIITANA (Vlogger, Hair guru, stylist) – For some good tips on hair & styles

5. VANESSA CAIXEIRO (Motivational speaker, mother, model, comedian) – For some life advice and for overcoming major obstacles in life with a smile and the love of God.

What is your favorite female Instagram page?

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