Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

And I did not want to leave the jungle.

Four kids got into a detention, which was to clean a room that was full of magazines and bowling balls. Then, one of them, the nerd in the group, Spencer, found an old game named Jumanji. Bored out of their minds, the kids decided to give the game a try.

After choosing their avatars, the kids ended up in the Jumanji world, where they turned into the characters they’d chosen.

Spencer, the skinny, curly haired nerd became the no weakness, ridiculously strong hero in the game, Dr. Smolder Bravestone.

Fridge, the big built, football star, became a zoologist half his real size who was the hero’s sidekick, Mouse Finbar.

Martha, the geekish, awkward girl became a beautiful, strong killer of men, Ruby Roundhouse.

Then Bethany, the Instagram lover, popular girl became a fat, middle aged cartographer Professor Shelly Oberon.

To get out of the game, they had to win by saving the world by breaking a curse that was upon Jumanji. They had to find a missing piece to the map they were given, and restore a powerful jewel of Jumanji to its rightful place.

Initially a horrible group, the kids learned to trust each other and work together to win and go home. Spencer and Fridge used to be good friends until they drifted apart, but surviving together now pushed them to start thinking as one again. Meanwhile, Martha and Bethany started to understand each other better after exchanging their thoughts in arguments.

I mean, how hard would it be to win a simple game?

It all looked pretty simple until the kids realized that they only had three lives each before ending up dead in a game world. Then, when they found their missing piece, Alex, a kid who disappeared 20 years ago due to being sucked into and stuck in the game, they realized the danger they were in.

Would the kids win the game with limited lives? And when they were down to one life?

This movie made me so happy. It’s hilarious.

Jack Black as Bethany is the best thing that’s ever happened. I loved Bethany. She was easily my favorite character, and even my beloved Dwayne Johnson could beat this one this time.

The actors did splendid jobs with their characters, and I loved their performances. I tried to be mean, especially when I noticed that they were playing the “I am trapped in someone else’s body and this is weird” roles, but they nailed it. More often than not, I kept trying to separate their characters from their images, and surprisingly I found myself pleased with what I saw.

Unfortunately, this movie is not without flaws. There were some plot holes that I could just go about, but I do think this movie didn’t mean any harm. And gamers should let go of some stuff that aren’t exactly game based.

CGI works however, hurt me a little. Some things were just obviously unreal, that it was hard for me to feel scared for the characters. I just brushed dangers off like, “Yeah that isn’t real.”

A lot of the characters weren’t fully developed in this movie, those whom the audience didn’t bother to invest in, and certainly didn’t care about much. And that is sad. Yes, we were supposed to root for the main characters and just focus on their journey; however, a compelling villain would go a long way. I would pay more to get a better written villain.

Despite flaws and little glitches, this movie was the perfect getaway for me. I am looking forward to watching it again when it’s available out of the cinema.

Jumanji is a 7,5/10 from me. I highly recommend it to everyone who needs a fun movie, and especially those who want to see Jack Black as a popular girl. Or just to see Dwayne Johnson, really, because I have to admit, I watch movies sometimes just because he’s in them.

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