Samyang Mala Buldak Bokkeummyeon Review

The moment my sister told me about this samyang, I knew I had to get it.

So being the lazy couch potato that I am, I ended up buying this online. Of course, I fell for that claim that this was 4x the original Samyang – which, I can tell you is NOT TRUE. So those of you who are terrified of the 4x claim, don’t be. Just get this and try it.

This is nowhere as hot as the 2x, and not even as spicy as the original one to be honest. But I liked it just as much as I liked the others.

Firstly, I do like the purple color of this packaging. I think it’s adorable, although definitely not as appealing as the hot red. Also, I think now that I have tried the many Samyangs, anything that is not in red, is not as spicy as the original.

I have heard rumors about mala, and I’ve been looking up recipes with mala, because if it’s hot, I want it. Sadly, until now, I still haven’t gotten the chance to. So when I saw this Samyang, labeled with “MALA”, I just had to.

This Samyang is just like the others when it comes to preparing it. Just cook the noodles and the extras until they’re ready – then stir fry them with the hot sauce for 30 seconds.

I swear, every time I try to do this right, it always ends up watery. Like this one did.

If you’re looking for something that smells amazing, then don’t get your hopes up. This one does not smell the way Curry Samyang does (boy, does that one leave me wanting more every time).

It tastes like, well, a Samyang. There is, however, this distinct heat that goes with this one. It burns the back of my throat, but it’s so warm. It’s not the burning hot that I have experienced with other Samyang noodles – and the nine hours of cramps – but it’s the warm, comforting kind of burn.

I also don’t feel the urgency to drink something or moving to somewhere cold. It is just right. Not too hot – and I can probably recommend this to friends who aren’t big fans of Samyang’s burning heat, because I am confident that this one is safe for them.

Happy that I got few packs of this too, now that I can share with friends who have been scared of the Samyang level hot.

This would also be a good snack in winter, because hey, if it doesn’t burn you, it can’t kill you.

I shall eat this while watching them white walkers come my way.

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