The Magicians: the Show You Don’t Want to Miss

For those of you who watch the Magicians religiously like I do, you don’t need to be convinced to start. But those who haven’t started, you better.

The Magicians is a Syfy show that’s based on a series written by Lev Grossman. It’s Harry Potter meets Narnia, told in the most realistic, sarcastic voice. Ever.

It’s about a group of students, enrolled in a magic university, who discovered a magical world in which they had to rule as kings and queens. But in protecting their new world and their home world, they learned that magic isn’t all glory and fun, but consequences and darkness.

The main character is Quentin, an awkward nerd who, unlike Harry Potter, is not the chosen one. And he had to learn the hard way. His best friend, Julia, is a witch who earned her power through some hardships and pain. His ex girlfriend Alice is a resurrected, brilliant witch who can solve any question. But we have more than just those three.

We have Eliot, or High King Eliot the Spectacular, who is more of a survivor who always manages to get out of trouble. Penny, the traveler, or one of the more fun characters to watch due to his strange gift and remarkable sarcasm. Kady, an ex student who ended up on the wrong side of town but came back anyway.

And at last, Margo, or High Queen Margo the Destroyer, aka my favorite girl on tv right now. The woman who got things done despite having a million problems on her agenda, and could outsmart anyone in a battle of wits.

The first season was a bit slow, I must admit, but everything became ten times more fun in season 2, and when I thought it couldn’t get any better, season 3 proved me wrong.

The current ongoing season has been the most fun I’ve had watching a show in the longest time. The writers have been having so much fun in twisting the traditional narrative, and showing us audience that there are many ways to creatively deliver a story.

And don’t even get me started on character development, because it’s been one of the best I’ve seen too. Women in this show are powerful, determined, and unstoppable. They might have started out disadvantaged by certain things, but they always found their ways to conquer and win. And it’s ridiculously empowering.

The show has truly been magic, and I can’t praise it more than I already have. I’ve been telling everyone to see this show, so I hope y’all will too. It has a certain magical touch that makes you want more. And when you think it’s pulled all the tricks it has, it’ll prove you wrong. Just like it did me.

So if you’re missing Harry Potter or Narnia a lot, and you think you’re too old to relive those, go for the Magicians. Treat yourself a good show. You won’t regret it.

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