Just A Random Womanly Thought

“I am strong, I am invincible, I am a woman.” My middle school choir teacher, Mrs Longoria Russo, always made us girls recite those words to her.

And I always questioned why.

Ladies and gentlemen, I know when you all see me, you think “I didn’t think I could meet supergirl in person.” I know, I didn’t think you would be that lucky too.

But it wasn’t always the case, I tell you.

Before I was born, my grandmother and my dad prayed for a girl. I’m not sure why, exactly, since I didn’t end up the finest lady, but they did. And a girl was born.

I used to think that I could be a boy, so when I was a kid, I prepared myself to be a boy. I watched all the superheroes shows, which showed mostly men, and I wanted to be one of them.

In my sociology class few years back, I learned that gender identity formed at the age of 6-7, when kids started going to school. So of course, when I started elementary school, I knew then that I was absolutely, undeniably a girl.

I was upset, of course, since I couldn’t be Batman then, but I thought, “hey, it can’t be that bad.”

Then the first PE class I had changed it. The coach told us that,

“Girls, don’t feel bad if you’re not as fast or strong as the boys, girls aren’t meant to be that fast or strong.”

So for the next five years of elementary school, I was the fastest and strongest kid in my class. And that coach always said, “Look at that girl, she beats all the boys.”

And I thought, oh hey, so being a girl isn’t so bad because I’m just as good as the boys. Then, puberty came.

Mind you, apparently a girl has to become a woman. With that, come period, chest, and wider hips. WHAT?! Nobody told me after being stuck a girl, I had to be a woman too!!! And how was it that I had to hide my period like it was shame?

For years I complained about my monthly rent – the fact that every month I have to pay rent to a landlord called period just to be a woman, my wide hips, and how my chest hurts when I run on the track.

And let me tell you, complaining gets worse during period. Especially when western medicine used to call women’s bodies “disadvantaged.”

But few days ago, I was playing with a six month old baby, my cousin’s child. I was looking at this baby, and then at my cousin, and the craziest thing happened in my head.

This little blob of pooping machine CAME OUT of her, my cousin. Of course he could come out, because she got the hips! And how does he eat, in case you people don’t know, women breastfeed. Those chests and hips, the ultimate curse to my running days, are life supports to another living being!

And he came out of her, not the father, because he was constructed inside her belly. That is where magic happens.

So all this inconvenience, is the world’s best architect and builder, and life support, while functioning for a lot other things too!

Of course, it all makes sense. Spider-Man holds onto these words

“with great power, comes great responsibility” – and all these responsibilities invested in women, come from their strength, because they are the stronger ones.

No, men, I am not sorry. I am sorry you don’t have enough money to be Caitlyn Jenner though. But I hope we’re all happy with how we were born.

Go home and thank your mothers, for risking their lives for yours. Comfort your wives or girlfriends, sisters, friends who need it. Period or not. Appreciate these mythical creatures more for being so strong for everyone else. Not just physically, but mentally too.

Just as I will.

It took me so long, step by step, cheating death every month, to actually recognize that. And I absolutely, undeniable am proud to be a woman.

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