Wakanda: A Hopeful Excitement that Faded like a Dream

Thirty minutes ago, I saw the credits run down the big screen, and I suddenly felt an emptiness.

The lights came on and my sister and I walked out of the theater with immense excitement as we began analyzing and scrutinizing every scene that blew our minds away.

This was a historically significant moment because for once we saw a superhero that looked like us.

We could imagine and inspire in our widest fantasy to be ‘the black panther’, to be badass, to be unapologetic, to be free of prejudice, to be a part of a people who were proud to be who they were meant to be.

It gave us a sense of belonging, and at the same time, longing for that alternate reality where Africa and its citizens were untouched and flourishing with cultural richness, pride and resources.

It made me realize how others felt when watching movies like Captain America, Iron man, and Superman (the list could go on and on), because for once we saw a collection of our cultures represented on TV.

I dare say for once, the often subtle feud between Africans and African-Americans came to a momentary reconciling pause as we stood and admired Wakanda.

As we stood and revered at every single detail about this movie which portrayed Africa to the world in a positive light, unlike the usual showcase of a historically disadvantaged society infected by socio-political and economic instability.

For once, we stood and admired what could be with a deep craving for a place like Wakanda to truly call home. 

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