5 Beauty Trends that’s sure to change your Beauty Routine

As women, we always seek to ameliorate the way we look because that’s connected to the way we feel and the way others perceive us (Not that this isn’t true for men as well). Looks to us are important, more so for some than others. Here are some beauty trends that took us by storm in recent years. Some of them, I admit, would have never cross my mind as possible, but here they are and most certainly, I do want to try them.

1. The Lash Lift:  Apparently, this beauty trend has been around since 2016, or perhaps longer. I only found out about it recently and I am in love. Can you believe it? an end to false lashes or over applying that mascara to give your lashes that full long appearance that most of us crave. At least now we can temporary put a pause on applying that castor oil every evening before sleep (You know it is rumored to make lashes bloom right?).

2. Painless Wax: For some of us that never had the chance to feel the dreadful pain caused by normal wax products, I am excited that we now have the option to indulge in a painless wax, especially as summer is nearing. Sometimes I wonder if undergoing a laser treatment to eliminate all those weekly or monthly unwanted hair will be much better.

3. Peel off eyebrow tint: Permanent tattoo brows have been around for God knows when. I remember wondering as a child why some adults I knew had shaved dark eyebrows which had lost its natural appearance. Women and eyebrows have always had a certain relationship which I quite can’t place my hands over sometimes. I too am obsessed with my brows and even without any makeup, I insist on darkening my brows in shades of brown before heading out the door. So needless to say that it is only a matter of time that this temporary eye brow peel off tint would find itself in my makeup collection.

4. Veneers: Of all these, I am personally in love with this because of my long obsession with having marginally decent teeth. Initially, I thought having these entailed fakeness, which to be honest does. However, one can not denial the benefits, including confidence, that can be obtained from a smile.

5. InStyle Glossie Ceramic Styling Brush: Apparently this has been proven to transform curly, messy, and all kinds of hair in to the straight, silk, and smooth style you so desire. I am not particularly into straightening my hair these days, but if I were, I would certainly try one of these babies.


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