Pompi Tiramisu Rome Review

I spent a few days in Rome, and of course I had to try the best tiramisu in town.

I visited two places: Two Sizes and Pompi, and I must say that Pompi won me over. Two Sizes was great too, and I will post another review on that.

Pompi completed my life. Whatever missing pieces I couldn’t find, I found in Pompi.

Firstly, I never liked my tiramisu too sweet, since that was the reason why tiramisu is my number one dessert: because coffee.

And coffee is bitter.

Which is good. We all need some good balance here and there.

So my sister and I visited a couple of Pompi stores, and I ended up finding happiness in the simplest thing in life.

I went for the classic tiramisu, because I believe classics or originals exist for a reason, that which is that they’re irreplaceable.

So I got my Tiramisu Classico, and I never went back.


When in Rome, go find Pompi. It’s worth it.

Its not hard to find since it’s got several stores around the city, especially if you’re going to the Vatican. Definitely worth the trip.

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