Giolitti Rome Review

BEST. Hands down best gelato I’d had in awhile. If you happen to be visiting Rome, go find this place.

If you know me well, you’d know that my favorite place is Georgio’s in Pau, France. I would actually kill to get some Georgio’s pints. No kidding.

Then I thought, nothing would ever be as good. Nothing would ever match Georgio’s.

Then, Giolitti happened.

My sister told me about this place, where people would flock around for their scoops, and I told her, “You know I hate waiting.”

But she told me I should try, and I did.

It was like a battlefield. People were pushing each other towards the gelato counter, screaming their flavors and fighting to get their receipts taken first.

What a crazy sight. Then again, I was one of them.

Finally I got my scoops, and I was surprised. I didn’t think I’d feel as happy as I did whenever I had Georgio’s, but I felt the same joy. The same happiness.


Life was all good. I am a big fan of sorbet, and I like it really fresh. Like for instance I always go for limone, which in my opinion, is a gift to humanity.

And not all gelato places could get limone right. Giolitti does though, and it’s enough to impress me.

So I came back the next day.


I mean good things are supposed to be appreciated more often.

So I guess it makes sense why people come from all places for Giolitti. It’s just so good.

The place is a bit hidden, so it’s actually a good thing that they places signs on the bigger streets for people to find it. It’s just that popular that people would need big signs to find it.

But by now I’m sure I can find it even without the sign.

For sure I’d come back to Giolitti again someday, whenever I get the chance to visit Rome again. Hopefully it won’t be too far away from now because gelato is good, but this one is everything.

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