Samyang Carbonara Review

When I heard about Samyang Carbonara, I just knew I had to get it. Just because it’s Samyang.

So after a couple of failed online purchases due to out of stock problem, my friend finally secured us a few packages, and I ended up getting two.

And after being away from home for few weeks, I finally came back to make myself a pack of Samyang Carbonara.

What a pleasant surprise.

In the package, there are two mini packs. One for the usual red sauce, and the other for the cheese powder.

In the end, everything ended up looking like this after being mixed together.

It was actually pretty good. Good enough that I questioned my decision only making one pack instead of two.

And despite not looking like it, it was actually spicy. My lips went swollen like Kylie Jenner for a little bit.

Okay, more like for an hour.

But this was quite a treat. The portion was also alright. Not exactly too small or too much. It wasn’t burning spicy, just enough warmth, and the right amount of cheesy. Not sure if that was a good enough description. But it was just a nice comfort meal.

Probably one of my favorites, and I wish I had more Samyang Carbonara.

This is an 8/10. I would definitely want more. And I’d recommend this to my friends, because Samyang 2x Spicy isn’t for everyone.

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