Batik Outfits: Queens and Class

Here is the thing. I was never a fan of Batik. In fact, I didn’t like it much. I thought it was too girly, and since I was never that much of a lady, I just never thought I’d look good in one.

However, when my aunt started designing her own batik collection, I started changing my mind.

My aunt and I have similar taste when it comes to fashion. We like to experiment and we love certain mix of things.

So of course when she started diving into the world of batik with her great ideas, I was in.

And let me tell you this, wearing batik pieces makes me feel like a Queen.

Not a damsel in distress, but a queen. And it makes sense now why women are crazy about batik.

This outerwear is seriously classy. It works as an outer, it works as a top. It’s casual enough to not feel like you overdress.

This kimono outer is made of some special, one of a kind batik. It’s red and black, best of both worlds.

This pair of batik pants and the batik shoes are everything. They make me feel like a lady. Pretty in pink.

This skirt is everything. Blue, beautiful. Classy, elegant.

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