Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Review

Well, it fell. So there’s that.

When I saw the trailer for Fallen Kingdom, I was extremely excited. Mostly it’s because I love Blue, the velociraptor. I mean, what’s not to love?

Blue was the cutest thing in Jurassic World.

So we started with some time after everyone evacuated Jurassic World, and now due to volcanoes, there was an ethical debate going on: should we save the dinosaurs?

Claire and Owen broke up, went separate ways, and for some reason, Claire still fought to save the dinosaurs’ lives.

When she was summoned to do a rescue mission by one of the fathers of Jurassic, Lockwood, she immediately agreed and recruited Owen to join her. Because they needed to save Blue, and Owen was the only guy who could possibly get Blue for them.

So the exes joined forces and went back to get their dinosaurs. Of course, as it turned out, it was all a trap.

Lockwood’s aide, Eli Mills, had planned the rescue mission for the sake of selling the dinosaurs to highest bidders. And he needed Blue to complete Henry Wu’s new creation: a combination of Indominus Rex and Velociraptor called Indoraptor.

I know, what a….name.

I was protesting, but the producers and screenwriters couldn’t have heard me go “Nein!!”

Then as they found out that they’d been fooled and tricked, our heroes were abandoned on the island to die. Of course, they found their way out into the Lockwood’s ship and straight into the beast cages.

Now with the island gone and only the last of their kind-dinosaurs in captive, what would our heroes do?

This movie has a messy plot. I can’t even start pinpointing what could’ve been and what shouldn’t have been. Because the list would stretch like a basilisk.

We got our main two leads from Jurassic World, T-Rex and Blue, and I’m happy we still have them. Also, clips of baby Blue made me happy.

I am not a fan of Indoraptor though. The fights between the dinosaurs weren’t as incredible as the Indominus vs T-Rex, and I kept waiting for one great moment of madness, which I never got.

Then the story was, of course, as cliche as it could be, with Owen and Claire going on and off with their romance, as well as their strangely convenient skills in this story.

And let me tell you, Henry Wu never dies. That man is immortal. He just keeps making dinosaurs and lives on. Not sure what’s keeping him alive, maybe his desire to create more, or maybe he’s a hybrid? Homosapaurus? Will I see you in the next movie, Homosapaurus Wu?

Well, Fallen Kingdom was pretty entertaining, despite some plot holes and some obvious crowd pleasing scenes. I do notice that a lot of the scenes were straight out of Jurassic Park, and I appreciated that. To an extent, of course. I just didn’t think they worked.

Overall, I’d give this movie a 6/10. I can live without it. I could’ve skipped it. But well, as a Jurassic fan, there was no way I would.

If you’re into some random, fun movie night, go for it. But don’t expect a brilliant story, because that is now what you’ll get out of Fallen Kingdom. Still, entertaining to an extent, and a crowd pleaser as long as you’re not too cynical.

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