The Incredibles 2: the Babysitters

The Incredibles 2 is a powerful movie. Not only does it work for a family night, but it also shows the world what an important thing parenthood is.

We got to meet the Incredibles after years of missing them, only awhile after the first movie ended.

They were saving their city as a family; however, when things went horribly wrong, got banned from superhero activities for their own good.

And of course, when super-heroism was out of the picture, Robert and Helen had to focus on their family.

Violet was struggling with her superhero identity, as it messed up her chances with her crush, Tony. She hated the family secret, but at the same time wanted to help out.

Dash was struggling with math.

Jack Jack was exploring his many, many, raw powers.

And at the same time, Helen was offered to be an ambassador for people with super powers, a job with many advantages, to be the hero the city wanted and prove that superheroes could do well if given the chance. Since super heroism was illegal, they were aiming legalize it by showing the world that damages could be avoided with caution. And who could do it best but the girl with the least damage record, Elastigirl?

So as Helen took the job and saving lives, Robert had to stay at home with the kids and learned the horror that Helen had to deal with on daily basis without him. Who knew taking care of kids would be that difficult?

However, being a good husband and father, Robert gave it his all. He wanted to prove himself, and fought hard to make the children happy. He studied math again for Dash, learned tricks to get Jack Jack out of trouble, and tried to get information about Tony to help Violet with her crush.

Meanwhile, Helen wasn’t exactly living the best dream either. There was an hypnotiser villain that controlled people from screens called Screenslaver, and Helen tried hard to find and unmask him.

But when Screenslaver turned out to be someone Helen trusted, things changed. Before they knew it, all the superheroes were under Screenslaver’s control, and it was up to the children to save the day.

The movie worked. It worked for me, for families, and for little children in the theater. I heard a lot of laughter, and a lot of cheers. It was a good experience.

And I love how they addressed the big question that a lot of people asked after the first movie ended: how about baby Jack?

The movie showed the struggles in taking care of him, as this baby had too many powers and limitless possibilities in his abilities. Robert discovered this after finding the baby fight a raccoon in the backyard, and decided to find ways to train the baby. Violet and Dash had to get used to their brother’s random power shifts as well, and figured out how to save the world together with a baby brother in their care.

Let me just say this, and I hope this won’t offend anyone out there. That I love this movie. A lot more than I loved the first movie.

And it’s a wonderful thing, really, to see a sequel do really well. It wasn’t hard to tell either, that it was a well written sequel. I went to see it with a friend who never saw the first movie, and there was no question thrown my way during the movie. Apparently the movie was just that good that it could go on its own.

Oh and yes. I love Edna Mode.

Also, the character development here was well done. When the first movie focused on Robert getting back on being a hero, this one focuses on him being a hero to his kids and his wife, by being a stay at home father. Which is a great thing. This is the right equation to winning over audience.

Put the character in an uncomfortable situation, which audience can relate to on daily basis, and show the struggles and transformation. Switch the roles, roles that everyone usually assumes in everyday life, and integrate it into the plot lines.

Add the cute children, give the cute baby a big role, and add more importance to the female characters.

And there you have it, a fun family movie that everyone can relate to and cheer for.

The Incredibles 2 won me over. I absolutely loved it. I would watch it again in a heartbeat. For sure.

It is a 9/10 from me.

Make sure you go see it. And bring your family too. They’ll love it.

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