Il Pirata Caffe Vernazza

I didn’t think I knew love until I got to know this restaurant. Here’s the link to its TripAdvisor page:

Who knew love at first bite was real? I had thought such nonsense was just a myth.

But this place proved me wrong, three times. And I was never happier.

Il Pirata is somewhat hidden, although so close to the train station. People would instinctively go to the more colorful
side of the town the moment they got out of the train station, but the other side is where this magic happens.

Everyday, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, people.

The first night in Vernazza, my sister talked about the best restaurant in town, and that we had to visit. I never minded good food, so we went.

I had their seafood pasta, and unfortunately due to snacking during the day, I wasn’t up for dessert. I thought of another dinner the next night, when I’d try their tiramisu.

But let me just say, this pasta was delicious. I was so sad it ended so soon. I tried to eat more slowly with this plate, but how could one slow down when it was that good?

F3AF9EA2-36CF-488B-BB98-178BB407D6F1.jpegThe next morning, before we went on our hike, my sister and I dropped by Il Pirata to get my breakfast. I got a chocolate croissant and it destroyed me.

In a fantastic way.

Who knew a simple chocolate croissant could be so magical? Who baked it?! God?!

I think I almost cried when I took the first bite. Like, what in the five lands is this sorcery?! Even a croissant tasted like fairytale. It’s like the whole seven books of Harry Potter took place in a bite. It was that much love.

So for dinner we came back. And I was determined to get the tiramisu.

This time I got myself their seafood risotto. And I enjoyed it. I’m not even a big fan of rice. But that was one good dish.

Then I went straight for my main goal: the tiramisu.

Mind you, I am ridiculously picky when it comes to tiramisu. It has to be of certain texture, it has to have enough coffee and kahlua, it has to be creamy enough. And the list goes on.

So when this arrived, I was a bit scared.

I tried Pompi and Two Sizes in Rome, and to be honest, they were really good. But I knew deep down, I was looking for something more.

And first bite sent my soul to heaven. It was perfect. My dream tiramisu existed. I wasn’t crazy when I imagined a perfect tiramisu. It existed.

I think my heart exploded. Or my mind went fuzzy. I’m not exactly sure what happened. It must be how it feels like for people when their impossible dreams come true.

I felt lost for a bit. Like, what would I do with my life next?

What is this magic?

When it ended, I wasn’t even sad. I was just happy it happened. I had the most magical short lived love affair, and I felt happy.

Il Pirata won my heart over, and if I’m coming back to Cinque Terre, it’s only for Il Pirata.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful place and all, but I’m never that much of an ocean person. I’m too scared of jellyfish.

But for Il Pirata, jellyfish my way. It’s taught me the impossible is possible on a plate of pure bliss.

That the perfect tiramisu exists. And that all we need to do is order it there. Take a chance. Be bold. Fall in love. And never forget.

I know I won’t.

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