Hereditary: Heads Off

They said it was worth seeing, so I decided to give this a go.

Well, Hereditary, well played. Well played.

I was questioning my sanity for awhile during the movie, and even a tiny, harmless noise of plop could send me running out of the theater.

I did not run out of the theater, just in case you wondered, but I considered.

So welcome to the problematic Graham family. After the death of the grandmother, Ellen, everything seemed to be falling apart. Ellen’s daughter, Annie Graham talked about how her mother was a private person with private matters she knew nothing of. They seemed to have shared a distant relationship, and she didn’t seem affected much by Ellen’s death.

The daughter in the family, a teenage girl named Charlie, grieved over her grandmother’s death, and the rest of the family was just trying to cope with their loss.

However, things turned south really badly when Charlie and her older brother Peter went to a party, where she had an allergic reaction. Panicked, Peter grabbed Charlie and drove to the nearest hospital when a freak accident killed Charlie and left Peter traumatized.

Despite not having his parents blame him for the accident, Peter started struggling, consumed with guilt. Annie wasn’t doing so well either, she made friends with a lady, Joan, who introduced her to a prayer to speak to Charlie again.

However, when Charlie was summoned, all hell broke loose. Peter was going crazy, haunted and terrorized by some unknown force. Annie started finding out horrible secrets her mom was keeping, and her husband began to wonder if Annie had been the problem all along.

Hereditary was freaky.

I tried to stay cool, keeping it all together. To be chill and poise. Oh hell that did not work out well.

This movie got some horrifying things that I would hate to go through in real life. The acting was brilliant. So brilliant I believed everything, until the last scene that was.

The last act was the most terrifying, and the least believable. Something about cult, which horror movies have overused lately, just bothers me sometimes. I could see it as a possibility, but there’s something comedic about the way stories like this are written and exhibited.

Some things were a little off, and it was hard to buy some of the scenes.

But let me tell you this. I was scared. I could not sleep, and that was not fun.

Hereditary is an 8/10, and I’m never ever going to rewatch that movie. I mean, I guess I could, with people around me. Alone? Never.

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