His cold dry tone brought surprised chills to my spine

The cold dry tone that answered the call brought surprised chills to my spine.

It was unrecognizable from the gentle giggling imagery I pictured in my mind.

Or even the first time we first spoke to each other out of sheer coincidence, perhaps amusingly drafted by faith itself.

It should have made me sad, vulnerable, disturbed but it didn’t.

Just uncomfortable traces floating around without touching the shield that guards my heart.

Au contraire, I was mostly relieved that now I didn’t have to pretend.

I always turn to imagine others’ stories as mine and play the scene carefully in my head

But reality never turns out that way because life itself is an array of individualized scenes that intertwines with every human interaction.

Therefore, chasing after a story that is not meant to be yours might never guarantee you a happy ending or even a beginning.

So, though I feel this weird feeling of discomfort in my chest, I know I am sure to be elated by the fact that I might have dodged one.

Or at the fact that I can finally focus on the one that seems the better choice for now.


By Daniella D.

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