Goosebumps 2: the Horror in the Lack of Jack Black

I won’t lie, I went to see this movie for Jack Black.

And boy was I disappointed.

Goosebumps 2 is mainly about Slappy the puppet’s revenge. In my honest opinion, Slappy is the ultimate horror, when I was a little child reading Goosebumps, he was the worst.

So when two best friends found Slappy and accidentally resurrected him, they got themselves in a big trouble. While of course, dragging the whole town with them.

One of the boys’ older sister tried to call for help, and that was the cue for Jack Black’s R. L. Stein, but then we didn’t get to see him till much later in the movie.

Was he too busy filming other movies that he couldn’t make it to this one? I’m not sure.

So back to Slappy, he needed a mother. And he chose already. He said papa disappointed him but mama wouldn’t.

Gah, Slappy. Why.

It’s as expected though, terror went unleashed in a small town, where for some unknown reasons, population was simply questionable. Like, where are the people?

Then it was up to the boys and the big sister to save the world.

Of course, they needed an R. L. Stein’s original book to beat the devil.

This movie was harmless, that was the most I could say about it. I was somewhat entertained, even though I’d wished I was watching something else instead.

I didn’t walk out of the theater, but there was a time I thought of it.

The plot line was laughable, even though in the world of Goosebumps and Slappy, made sense. The visuals were expected, and I didn’t think they’d pull an amazing, mind blowing set anyway.

The characters I couldn’t care less about, and that part was just really sad. The entire time I kept wondering where was Stine. Even the backstory of the main characters didn’t interest me the slightest bit.

But in the end, perhaps it was just needed for the sake of Halloween. Maybe.

Goosebumps 2 got a 6/10 from me. Would I rewatch it? Nope. I wouldn’t recommend it either, unless you’re really really bored.

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