The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Sweet 16

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina recently came out on Netflix, and my best friend and I immediately went for it. Well, we both were on period and needed some entertainment. It happened to be there. And it looked good.

Sabrina Spellman is a teenager whose life is ten times more complicated than most. She is a half witch half mortal who needs to go through dark baptism on her 16th birthday. Instead of having a sweet sixteen like other girls, she got to sign her name in the Book of Beasts and devote her soul to Satan.

The baptism would come with many wonderful things like great powers, immunity to hellfire, and semi immortality. Sabrina would be able to live for hundreds of years and do miraculous things mortals could only dream of.

Power is a wonderful thing and alluring in many ways, but Sabrina grew up in mortal world, despite being raised by her witch aunties and cousin. She loves her mortal life, her best friends, and her boyfriend Harvey. And if she signs her name in the Book of Beasts, she will have to leave her mortal life and the people she loves dearly.

Is Sabrina ready for it?

Season 1 is brilliant. It took us on a crazy ride, counting down to Sabrina’s birthday to see what she would do and if she’d question the whole life sentence to endless service to power thing.

And it didn’t disappoint.

As much as I’d like to see Sabrina choose what we audience knew was right, she played her best as a teenage girl, confused and pushed to the edge to save the world.

I loved the characters. We got to see them on deeper levels to get better understanding on why they are the way they are, and possibly where they’re going from this point on. And as the end of the season separated everyone, we will get to explore more on how these characters are going to grow in Season 2 without their main supports.

I was surprised when I cared enough if someone was about to die or not, because of how invested I was in the characters. The actors did their roles some justice, and the development was well done.

The relationships in this show were also the more pleasant elements, that we as audience could learn from. Family matters, and this show speaks of volume when it comes to relationships within families.

It is dark and edgy, and a wonderful coming of age kind of story. It’s got good life lessons and quotes that we can all refer to from time to time, and it’s definitely becoming one of my favorites.

I already miss this show, and I cannot wait for season 2 to come out. I totally recommend this show to everyone spending a quiet weekend in at home, and since it’s the Halloween week, there’s no better time to do this.

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