Plan Coeur (the Hookup Plan) Review

Elsa (Zita Hanrot) has been struggling to move on from her ex, Max, who is somewhat a part of her group of friends. Her best girlfriends, Charlotte and Emilie, keep telling her to move on and forget about her past relationship with Max. And when things get a bit frustrating, Charlotte decides to hire an escort to help Elsa get over Max.

And here comes Jules (Marc Ruchmann), into the picture. He is a high class prostitute who works hard to support his mother. He and Charlotte work together to perfect the perfect image guy for Elsa, who is smitten the moment they meet.

At first, Emilie is against the idea of letting Elsa go with Jules, but when Elsa finds out that Max is engaged and about to get married, Emilie decides to pay Jules for another date with Elsa.

Eventually, Jules finds himself in love with Elsa, and decides to court her for real. Of course, Charlotte and Emilie are against their relationship, as they already know that he is a male prostitute. And Elsa’s ex, Max, seeing that Elsa is happy without him, now wants her back.

Meanwhile we get to explore the other characters’ storylines as well. Charlotte, for instance, is an unemployed femme fatale who struggles to find out what her passion is. Emilie is a control freak who pushes everyone around her away, including her boyfriend Antoine, who happens to be Charlotte’s brother.

Antoine himself deals with expecting a child with Emilie, who seems to be more and more selfish as the due date is approaching. And Matthieu, his best friend, has been secretly sleeping with Charlotte.

That is all that I can say about this show. Apart from the fact that it caught me off guard and I’m in love with it.

Luckily, Netflix is most likely already picking up the second season, so all I got to do now is wait.

But this show is brilliant. It works its way around every one of the main characters. We get a good glimpse of everyone’s struggles and their redemption. Nobody is without any problems, and the show does a wonderful job in tying all of their conflicts together.

When the everyone’s issues come out, the damages have been done and hurt the one person who stays the most clueless in the show, Elsa.

Actions have consequences.

Zita Hanrot as Elsa owns my heart. I fell in love hard, and I’ll admit, I’ve been checking out her Instagram everyday now. What a beautiful human being. And Elsa and Jules, with the dash of Pretty Woman in their story, share electric chemistry.

Every role is well acted, the character development is on point, and the story isn’t too cliche. I truly enjoy this show. It’s become one of my favorites, and I watch a lot of shows.

It’s only less than half an hour per episode, and there are only eight of them. It is a short binge watch, and totally worth the few hours you can spare for it. I recommend it for everyone.

Plan Coeur is absolutely an A work for me, and I cannot wait for season two to come out.

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