Spider-Man into the Spider Verse: Sunflower on Repeat

Spider-Man into the Spider Verse.

This movie killed me. In a very good way. I didn’t think I’d ever be this in love with a movie, but here I am. Madly in love with SpiderMan into the Spider Verse.

Miles Morales was about to start his scholarship period at an elite boarding school, and he wasn’t all happy about it. Despite his brilliance and clear intelligence, Miles didn’t think he’d belong.

Of course, being a cop’s son and a new kid didn’t really help his case in blending in. So on his first night, Miles snuck out to visit his uncle Aaron for a little graffiti fun. And while spraying his cans of art, Miles got bitten by a spider.

Not thinking much of it, he smashed it dead and walked away.

What came next was out of Miles’ control. He believed it was puberty when his pants got shorter and his hands stuck in mostly everything, even the hair of a girl he had a crush on in class. And when he realized that he might have been affected by the spider bite, Miles ran into Peter Parker in his SpiderMan outfit, trying to stop a portal dimension that could destroy the world.

When Peter was severely wounded, he asked Miles to finish his mission, leaving the saving the world task to Miles before he died.

Lost and confused, Miles tried to find his way to finish the mission, while running into spider”men” from the other dimensions. They were all stuck in Miles’ dimension until the mission was complete.

I absolutely love this movie. I kept sketching too, and it’s probably at an unhealthy rate at this point, but I don’t care. What a good movie.

I even went to McDonald’s for a happy meal toy, which was Spider Gwen. But then my nephew took it and I just had to let it go.

I went back to McDonalds to get another happy meal.

The song Sunflower has been stuck in my head. It’s so catchy. It’s been on repeat on Spotify.

The animation, the plot line, the effects, everything about this movie is like magic. It’s just so good. I never thought I’d be this much into Spider-Man. But I am.

This movie is a 9/10.

Please go see it if you haven’t.

It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen so far. And I watch a lot of movies.

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