As if Created by Desire, she Emerged

Sleeping in my rented room, I hear a knock

I come out to some friends wanting to hangout.

We go out, one of them is married with kids while the other tries to seduce him.

We proceed to his house for a bbq, he says his wife expects us though it seems le contraire.

No one is home. Before I realise, we’re in bed.

An intense make out later, I wake up unable to wake up.

I’m in my room, drugged.

My eyes stay close, unable to wake up and my body paralysed.

Something is in my room, a black dog staring intensely, I think. ‘How did it get in?’

No! someone else is here, behind me.

I try to turn but I can’t move my body.

I’m frightened. I will certainly be raped. Oh God Help!

The door opens, one more comes in.

A tall handsome man and a woman holding an infant.

“I’m going to get dad, Tell Her!” she says and walks out.

‘Tell her what?’ I ask myself.

I’m naked from the waist up and scared.

He looks at me shamefully and suddenly I can finally move. I cover myself quickly.

‘What’s going on? What’re you doing in my room, THIS IS MY ROOM!!!

He sighs, roll his eyes and stares without saying a word

She returns with an old man I assume is the father.

‘What’s going on?’ I asked.

‘For God’s sake, SEE!’ he screams

And before my eyes, the walls around my room collapse and I realize my cage.

‘Oh no!” I panic

I try to escape without success.

I bang the walls, confused to even realize the door behind me

All are watching, always watching with smirks and judging eyes.

‘How could they?’  I scream and plead, disgusted at myself.

I grab a jacket and find my way out shamefully.

As I scramble my way out of the crowd, many men try to seduce me

Promising love, power, and riches but I see through the deceit, pauvers, cheating spouses.

I crave love and companionship but only loneliness accompany me.

Then as if created by desire, she appears.

Glamorous, beautiful, yearned by all.

She lays eyes on me and before I know it, I’m trapped in her charm.

We dance, kiss… I’m in love.

The next morning, I wake up and see her face. I’m shocked!

My mirror image. ‘How come?’

She gives me a smile and winks.

I kiss her once more and hug her before she disappears within me.

I look around and see various versions of me, clones, loving men and women.

I smile and walk away content.

By Daniella D.

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