A letter to our fidèle followers

Dear fidèle followers of our blog,

As you all know – or not, this blog was started by Devina and Daniella as a milieu to showcase our opinions and creativity in a variety of subject areas. We truly cannot believe it has been four years since the idea of this blog was first conceptualized. How time flies by~

Well, to spice things up this year, we have decided to change our blog name prior to the end of this month. So don’t be alarmed. The change will be made from ‘writtenloud’ to our originally intended name ‘OpinionHuis’, which translates to Opinion House. Catchy right?! I know.

Moreover, we expect to make more changes to the site to make it more accessible & malleable to our current and future readers.  

We thank you for your support over the years and we hope you continue to check out our contents.



Devina & Daniella


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